08 April 2008

It's quiet---too quiet.

Outside of one painful PT session yesterday, nothing of a tragic nature has happened in our lives in almost 48 hours.

Michael is busy working on his final papers due in his classes and going to Ft. Leonard Wood for some type of training this weekend.

Kiereney has a sore throat and still not working but I've let go of that. She's almost 22 and she'll either work or not-but if not, 1st National Bank of Mom is closed.

Kelli is in limbo...but still working the temp job. They interviewed her to take that job permanently but said that since she has moved and worked for temp agencies before, their company doesn't allow them to hire people of that ilk. So she goes to work daily, does their Powerpoints, billing accounts, answers their phones and watches people come in to interview for her job...the one she reaaaly loves. Her temp agency wants her to work there until they find a permanent employee. Must be like turning the knife to go into work every day and watch people interview for her job.

Roger got the printer hooked up, his new Office software loaded, a new chair and is having a ball! Retirement suits him. I understand banana bread and lasagna is on the menu today.

And me? Well, I'm just claiming that Serenity Prayer every morning, listening to the wise words of Deb at Four Angels Momma and just being.

I'm enjoying the quiet of life. Only thing on my agenda today is watching DWTS and Idol tonight.

Life is good.


Steph said...


I agree that you just need to relax and just be. It is such a shame that Kelli's employeer will not hire her because she just moved. That stinks.


Alli said...

A relaxing day sounds grand! I was a temp while I was in college and knowing you are there only until they find someone else does stink! Hopefully, your daughter can find something even better!

My husband is a Cpt. in the army (up for promotion to Major in December I think!!!) and is in Mosul right now for his second deployment in 4 years. Both a year long. He was ROTC in college, too! I remember his commissioning well - we got married the following weekend!

We got our Dachshund about a year and a half ago and she has had health issues one after the other since we got her. My husband calls her the money pit. He said she's the most expensive dog per pound on earth! But I LOVE her so much - I am ridiculously in love with this dog. It's embarrassing! We found out we were (finally) pregnant with our daughter a couple of months after we got Frankie, so they are my "twins." lol.

I would love to hear more about the rescue process and how you went about getting dogs from different states! I want another Dachsie and rescue seems the way to go. No more puppies for this girl!

Debra w said...

Hi Ness,

Kierney will find her way in the world. Sometimes it just takes some of them a little longer to figure out what they want to do. I just hope she decides to find a job doing something for now. It's hard when our kids decide to stay in limbo for too long. I'm still aggravated that Kelli's job isn't being loyal to all of her hard work. They should just hire the girl, for God's sake! Doesn't make any sense to me. I am thinking about Michael as he works on his final papers and goes through more training.

I am glad that you are focusing on the Serenity prayer. There is a lot of power in those words. I am glad that you are taking some time to just "be". It can be hard to take the time which we need to do that, but it is also very crucial to our well-being. I have been taking a very interesting online class on Spirituality and Illness. It cost $20.00, and it runs for forty days. Each day, I receive an email which contains a short assignment. I am then able to talk to others who are taking the class about the lesson, on the message board. I am finding it very interesting. It's so important to continue learning.

Have a restful evening! Who are you pulling for on AI?

Hugs and love,

Daniela said...

From one doxie lover to another. Have a wonderful day.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Funk day yesterday - didnt comment on blogs. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

Your comment yesterday really wowed me, Ness. You are an amazing person and I'm blessed to have found you.


kim-d said...

Hey Ness~

How are ya doing today? kim-d here, from wonderful world of wieners. I loved your idea over there yesterday. I was hoping to find an e-mail for you, but don't see one. Do me a favor, would ya please, and send me a quick e-mail at, and then I will get back to you? Thanks, Ness!