11 April 2008

OMG-I forgot to post!

It's been an incredible 24+ hours.

Kelli has been having abdominal/back pain for a week. Her symptoms defied Mom's diagnosis so she couldn't take it any more(she does not have a doctor because she has no insurance) and called the local clinic. They told her if she wasn't barfing to go to ER because they had more equipment to help her. One chest x-ray, EKG, abdominal x-ray and blood work later, they said they didn't know what was wrong with her. They tried to straight cath her and the pain was phenomenal so instead of giving her something so they could do the test, they basically said screw it. They didn't do a urinalysis. They gave her a shot of Toradol and 2 hours later it had done nothing. Michael was at ER with her and they didn't want me coming down until they knew something. When the doctor examined her and pressed on her abdomen she just about came off the table. The pain seems to be just to the left of midline and radiates through to her back. They gave her a script for Toradol tabs and said to find a doctor. She called me from the hospital cafeteria crying and said she hurt so bad. I called the ER back and talked to her nurse, Jay, who is the biggest, most obnoxious male nurse I have ever dealt with. I told him I knew about HIPPA laws, that he couldn't releaser her med info but I was wondering if she could return to the ER since the Toradol wasn't working now and wasn't working when he discharged her. He said she was FINE when she left but he GUESSES if she wants to re-register that she could come back. I call my son as my first witness concerning Kelli's condition and pain and who later told me he was about to stand up to the doctor and nurse and tell him his sister wasn't any better and something needed to be done, but he wasn't sure if it was his place and he felt bad because he didn't speak up for Kelli.

I called the doctor that saw her when she lived here and she is out on medical leave and her partner was double-booked for yesterday and today because of it. So Michael took Kelli home where she is still in pain despite having the Toradol script filled.

I was so mad and upset and whatever that Roger called the ER back, got ahold of a patient advocate and filed a report about the doctor and the nurse and an investigation will be held and Kelli will be mailed a copy of the report in 7-10 days. I'm sure they will all stick together like birds of a feather but I've worked in ER, I know how patients are to be treated and what can be done and I will see them on the 1st floor of hell before they get away with this.

And when the x-ray tech came to get her for the abdominal x-ray, her opening words were, "I'm taking you to x-ray to see if you have any tumors." Hello? You don't say that to a patient!

So I got up this morning, we cleaned the apartment and I've been working on the quilt and making plans for Michael's dinner after his commissioning ceremony. I came in the bedroom to get the stuff out of the closet for Michael's Army scrapbook, glanced at the computer and thought(in a Reba sort of way), "Crrrrraaaaappp, I've been so consumed with Kelli I forgot to post!"

I guess better late than never.

My daily fix is sitting in the recliner form 4-6 p.m. watching reruns of Reba on 2 different channels. If I wanted to, I could also watch from 7-8. This relaxes me and makes me laugh which is sorely needed in my world.


Steph said...

I hope that Kelli will be feeling better soon. Maybe she should come by you and go to the ER there to get better treatment, or go back today. Hopefully they would have a differnt doctor on. It sound like she might be having an apenditis or something like that, since the pain is so bad and nothing is helping.

Hope you have a good weekend!!

Catty Ax Lady said...
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Catty Ax Lady said...

I bet you were fit to be tied when you heard all of this!! I feel so bad for Kelli. ERs can kiss my backside...I'll do anything I can in order to avoid going to one.

Poor dear...I hope she gets some relief soon.

Mama Bear said...

I hope that Kelli is OK, and feeling better Ness. ER's make me so mad! We have been there quite a few times with David lately. The price they charge, we should be fed a steak dinner with the works!! I will keep Kelli in my prayers and will watch for a update on her condition.

God Bless~

Debbie :o)

Alli said...

WTH is going on with Kelli? That is crazy. How can they be okay knowing she is just sitting there suffering and they did not do enough to help her?!

Also, I read the post you wrote about your mom and it really choked me up. My mom died last February (07) at the ripe old age of 55. It's hard for me to deal with it at 36! I can't imagine what a scary time that would be for a kid!!!!

Debra w said...


Did they do an ultrasound to check for uterine cysts? If this continues, it would be a good idea to have her go to a GYN. Her symptoms sound like they could be coming from her uterus. Just a thought.

I will be holding Kelli very close in my prayers, the poor kid. I hate ER's. The staff is overworked, and they are overcrowded. I know you will stay on top of this, Momma Bear!


cyndy said...

I hope Kelli feels better soon! What a fiasco.