02 April 2008


and it feels so good!

Roger is retired, his computer is set up, he's loading his programs and we lost total track of time yesterday as we were in the computer room yesterday, me working and him getting set up. The.dachsies.were.not.pleased as THEIR schedule was interrupted and they missed out on their 4 p.m. vanilla wafer snack. Plus we're still shuffing furniture around so they do not have an established place for their bed yet.

But we're gonna hit our groove and the new schedule will be established.

In other news...

Cards got rained out on Opening Day and made it up yesterday where they LOST! For the record, Opening Day loss can't be blamed on me this year. But they'd better get it together as I do have tickets for the family on 4th of July to watch the rivaling Chicago Cubs battle it out with the Cards. Plus the city does fireworks at the Arch so we'll get to see it all.

NO ONE wowed me on Idol last night...I'm not seeing anyone as THE American Idol so far.

Upcoming Events...we're road tripping to Ft. Campbell, KY(2 hours away) on Saturday to get Michael his Class A uniform for his commissioning ceremony in May. Since we are coming in from out of state, they're going to alter it and sew on all the braid/patches/whatever while we are there. Gives me a lot of time for shopping at the PX...AND if the Lord's willin' and the creeks don't rise, Roger and I are having lunch with Peach as she traverses through to see her family hopefully on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who has/is going to Help Chevy Help Autism by going to the site(see yesterday's post) and thanks to all who sent Roger birthday wishes. He was THRILLED! I told him now he could have a blog...he didn't jump and down at the thought of it but we'll see...

And on that note, it's time to go to work. My partner in crime is already at his desk.

Hallie, I brought the music back! Had to change it yesterday to go with my post(you KNOW how OCDI am!)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YEAH FOR OUR SONG!! I was deeply distressed it was gone but understood why. I feel much better now that's it back where it belongs.

Your poem on my blog was amazing.

I bow at your feet....

Hallie :)

Alice said...

Mornin', Ness! I'm so glad Roger is retired and home with you. It makes me smile!! And how cool is it that you're going to meet Peach??!?!?! I love how this whole bloggin' world has come together.

And thank you for sharing my excitement over my wedding. You know you're the reason I started that part on my blog - because you asked. So thank you! I love that others are excited about the details of my day!!!

Steph said...


Glad that everything is going well with Roger being home. I'm sure you will get everything settled in time.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

you must be flying to make ft campbell in 2 hours... its a good 2 just to cross ky ...another 1.5 to 2 through Il on 24/57/64

I am hoping to meet saturday and sunday :-)

come to my blog i need some advice in a hurry so am asking anyone who reads to come help me.
thanks and hugsssss

Mama Bear said...

4pm vanilla wafer break, that cracked me up!LOL. Mine get a treat when the come back in from doing their business. We have some spoiled weiners, don't we?
Glad Roger is all settled in his retirement.
God Bless~

Debbie :o)

kimmy said...

The Red Sox won last night! Yippee!!!!

Have a good night Ness!


Mama Bear said...

Did you ever have any housetraining problems with any of your doxie's? This new one, Bitzy, is NOT catching on at all.If you have any recommendations, I would so appreciate it!!
Have a great evening!!

Debbie :o)

Debra w said...

Hey Nessie,

Just popping in to check on one of my favorite bloggers, and to say "Happy birthday, and Happy retirement to Roger!" I meant to leave you a note yesterday, but my computer wasn't cooperating. My dear hubby is at the Apple store right now, trying to have it repaired for me.(He is such a keeper!) I hope that Roger had a wonderful birthday. I am sure the coming year will bring lots of exciting changes for him now that he is retired. You two will be able to go on some fun adventures together! Please send him my very best!

I do hope that you are feeling as well as possible and that you are taking the time that you need for yourself. Please don't forget how important self-care is, dear friend. Have a restful evening!

Hugs and love,

Debbie in NC said...

Ness, I can't believe I've never commented here. Where have I been! I LOVE THIS SONG!

I've got to go back and read more posts to get caught up. You always leave such great comments on Hallie's blog and I know she LOVES you LOTS!

I'll be back girl!