01 April 2008

Pieces of April

This is Connor, Roger's 10-year-old grandson and he needs your help.

Connor, has the Aspergers type of autism. He was diagnosed before he started school and has made great strides. His parents both work in the school system, one in the office and one as a teacher, and along with 8-year-old brother Kyle, have been a phenomenal support system for Connor, and have sought both medical treatment(chelation therapy and a gluten free/casein free diet) and social therapy for him year round. Such treatment runs into the thousands of dollars.

April is Autism Awareness Month.

Please take a couple of minutes to go to the website AutismSpeaks Chevrolet is teaming up with AutismSpeaks to raise funding for autism in order to find a cure, early detection testing and create treatment centers as these kids lose the right to therapy when they turn 18. There is a 2 minute video from Chevrolet on one of their top cars and during the month of April, for every click on the video, Chevrolet will make a donation to AutismSpeaks. Go to the button Help Chevy Help Autism on the website that will bring up the Chevrolet video when you go to the AutismSpeaks link above. It costs you nothing and means everything to those affected with this condition that money can be raised for autism.

One out of every 150 children has autism. 1 in 94 boys has autism. No doubt you know friends, relatives, coworkers or neighbors who autism has touched.

Thanks for reading and thanks from Connor's family.


Laura ~Peach~ said...


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Using the blog for good.....I love it! :)


Congrat to Roger on the retirement. :)

Steph said...


I have saved it as a favorite so that I can go there many times during each and every day.


Alice said...

Clicked in the ATL!

dlyn said...

I will do it - we have numberous friends with autism in their families.

Angel... said...


Thanks for sharing with us dear.

You are such a sweetheart

I lvoe you

Mama Bear said...

I also saved it in my favorites. I have known families with children with this disorder. I hope that your grandson is doing well.

Love ya!

kimmy said...

I used to work with children who had Asperger's Syndrome. Thanks for using your blog to promote awareness! I'm off to CLICK!!!!


Debra w said...


My oldest daughter's close friend was a boy she took under her wing in third grade who had Autism. She sat with him every day at lunch all the way through eighth grade when they ended up going to different high schools. The teachers made sure that he was in her classes each year because the social relationship was very important. My daughter also knew how to calm him down if he was having a difficult time. Encourage Connor's parents to notice the friends who support and care about him. They will help him almost as much as any treament will. I still keep in touch with his mom, who is a very high ranking officer in the Army. She went to War College, and unfortunately had to spend a year in Iraq.(even though she is Reserve) She just returned home a few months ago. Anyway, Glendon, this young man with Autism, was mainstreamed all the way through school, but had a lot of extra support, is doing fantastic. He went to a local college for his first three years, and is going to transfer to San Francisco which is about seven hours away, for his final year. He has two younger brothers. Very strong family who expected the best from him, and he rose to the expectations.

It sounds like Connor has the same kind of support system, so tell his parents to continue advocating for him and never give up. I am very aware of Autism Speaks as we have several other friends who have Autistic sons. I will head over there to watch the video.

Big hugs,