15 April 2008

Tuesday Tax Time!

I have this mantra that when I'm getting a refund, I file as soon as I get the W2. When I owe, I mail it on April 15. Federal was kind to us this year...Illinois stuck it to us so I'm mailing Illinois today. But at least this year we didn't have to file Federal, Illinois, Missouri AND Virginia. After next year we'll be down to just Federal and Illinois.

In other news...

Roger is now the proud owner of an upright freezer courtesy of Craigs List. It was the best $50 we ever spent, especially the delight on his face as he can take advantage of frozen food sales without filling up the refrigerator freezer. It is in the basement utility room so no having to move this baby up 27 steps!

Michael is burning the evening and midnight oils with his thesis paper. The rough draft is due Thursday. He stayed until 3 this morning at SIU typing, was going to go home and sleep 2 hours and be back for his River to River Race training. The River to River Race is this Saturday. If my link doesn't highlight, click on the words River to River Race and you can learn about it. Michael is running in the 4th slot. This will be his 3rd and final year of running it. And you know Mom will be at the finish line to greet him!

Kelli is doing better. She was able to work yesterday. This abdominal virus apparently kicked her butt good. Bless her heart, she wanted to do the graduation invitations for me so she and Kiereney got them ready to mail over the weekend. Also, the man they hired to take her position turned the job down so they told Kelli they will need her "a couple of more months". At least she doesn't have to worry right now about finding a new job.

Off to work and get ready to watch Idol and Dancing with the Stars. And somehow I have to work in the new episode of Law and Order SUV. I'm in love with Elliott!

Keep Hallie, John and CJ in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a phenomenal day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Michael is writing a thesis paper AND running a race? Sure makes my cleaning out the photo albums seem lame!

Yeah for Roger!! We had a HUGE upright freezer in our old house but decided it was too much hassle to move with us 2 years ago. BIG FREAKIN MISTAKE. We miss it a lot.

Glad Kelli is feeling better. I've been keeping her in my thoughts and hoping for a fast recovery. Will she have follow up care to make sure the virus is under control/gone?

Still in awe, Ness. You really are amazing.

Hallie :)

Steph said...


Thanks for all of your support. I added a quote to my last update that I think you will like, sorry I didn't add it until after you stopped by last night.

Glad to hear that Kelli is feeling better. I still think it sucks that she found a job that she likes and that since she came in a temp that they won't hire her perm. When you first said that the guy that they hired didn't want the postion I was hoping you were going to say that they decided to hire her perm after all.


kimmy said...

I wish we had a spare fridge/freezer in our basement. Although I am sure that it would quickly become the "beer fridge."

Thanks for organizing the gift for our blogger friend! You are quite an amazing woman!


Angel... said...

Ness, thats very nice post... just stopped by to say hello to you. Hope you are feeling better

Laura ~Peach~ said...

had to mail our taxes off today too :( on the freezer we have one and would be lost without it. way to go Michael! I dont think I could begin to do all you are doing... and so glad Kelli is feeling some better and hopefully all will work out with the job,
hugs to you

Debra w said...

Hi Nessie,

So glad to hear that Kelli is feeling better and that she will be able to keep the job she is at for another two months. That must be a bit of a relief for her and you!

I don't even want to say out loud how much we had to pay in taxes. Let's just say it could feed a small village. Oy!

I will be cheering Michael on this Saturday! What a great kid.


Mama Bear said...

I love American Idol also!! Who is your favorite? I like David A, but there are some other good ones too.
Glad Kelli is feeling better and has a job for a few more months.
I love my freezer, it's not a big one but I would be lost without it for sure!!
Hope Michael did well on his paper and the race.

Debbie :o)