18 April 2008

Well APPARENTLY the earthquake started without me!

EDITED TO ADD: Awrright, awready. So I missed the starting of the earthquake party but you didn't have to provide me with all these aftershocks! I've got books boogeying down the shelves, my coffee travel mug is doing the Macarena and I swear me and my computer chair were doing the "turn yourself around" part of the Hokey Pokey. And I have a child freaking out because she and the dogs are scared. So knock off the aftershocks already. I PROMISE I won't miss the beginning of the next earthquake---pinkie swear!!!

How rude!

If I hadn't had the news on to hear them talking about it I would have never known as this crew slept right through it.

I *did* wonder how some stuff on top of my Military Shrine got tumped over. Now I know!

2 out of 3 kids felt it and I've already heard from them.

I was around for the November 68 earthquake and my earthquake quotient has been filled for the rest of my life and then some!

My dad was on his honeymoon with his new wife, this 14 y/o was staying with her aunt who had a beauty shop in her home and all of the sudden the house was twitching and things were falling and I ran out the back door and fell to the ground. And there was aftershock after aftershock all afternoon. My father's daughter was married to a very religious man(Church of God of Prophecy) and he told me that this meant the world was getting ready to end and we were going to die and had I been "saved and sanctified?" All I knew was that I wasn't going ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY DAD! He was in Kentucky and called me and they came home the next day.

So glad I missed out on this one. Ignorance is so, so bliss!

Thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts about the PT appointment yesterday but I didn't end up going. I was having a major fibro flare and the thought of anyone touching me much less my arm and shoulder just wasn't comprehensible, so Roger called and cancelled the appointment. I think I will just keep doing my exercises at home and see where we go. It is improved from when I started and I can live with the amount of capacity I have with it now.

I'm off work today so I'm going to tackle the new computer office and have a Hallie Whirling Dervish and get rid of stuff that does not have a place. I think Roger is dreading it because I show no mercy.

I want you to especially keep Hallie and John in your thoughts and prayers this weekend for them to have a restful, meaningful, calm and worry-free weekend.

And be good to yourselves because you are each so worth it!


Alice said...

Apparently we could feel the quake all the way in Atlanta. It's the top story on today! I slept through it, too.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Wow I am glad it was not big enough to wake you. I need to call dad and see if they felt it... hope the fibro calms down, I don't blame you one bit for not going to that appointment no need to cause more pain.
Have a good day at work, hugs

Steph said...

Like Alice said, we were suppose to feel it down here also, but I also slept though it. However that might explain why the dogs were up early this morning.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I have a whilrling dervish named after me? If that isn't the COOLEST thing ever!

Love it!

Hallie :)

kim-d said...

It's almost as if it's the AFTERSHOCKS that are following you around, Ness! Whoa...freaky!! :)

So sorry to hear about the fibro flare. I know several people who suffer from fibro and it sounds absolutely miserable. I don't see how anyone could suffer through PT while having fibro problems, too--so, from where I stand, it seems like you made the only sane decision by cancelling.

You and I are definitely keeping the same people close in our thoughts and prayers these days...our treasured Hallie and John. And I know I'll be doubling my efforts now right up until after it's all over!

Have a good evening, Ness...

Steph said...


I hope that the after shocks stop soon and things calm down.


Mama Bear said...

We felt it here in Ohio also. I heard the neighbors dogs going crazy and heard some pics rattle and thought maybe it was like a sonic boom, without the boom, or I had slept thru the boom...LOL.. I haven't felt any after shocks but the dogs have, I think.
I also am in a fibro flare. I think it's the weather change. I know I feel bad. I have diabetic neuropathy also, so pain is my name. I feel for you and hope your flare goes away fast.
God Bless~

Debbie :o)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i spoke with dad this evening... he said that he woke thinking jeannie was tearing the upstairs down and she woke thinking he fell outta bed they both realized pretty quickly it was an earth quake and ran to check on jordan who slept through it all! the after shocks he said were pretty darn big ones too!
I am glad all ya'll are ok up there!

Debra w said...

Just stopping by to wish Michael lots of luck in The River Run! I hope that tomorrow is a very good "spoon" day for you, as you cheer your dear son on!

And by the way, we are the ones who are supposed to get those earthquakes not you guys! Oy!


Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful weekend too, Ness!!! Love to ya from me and Lenny! :)

Steph said...


I hope that you are having fun at the River to river race today.


Katie said...

That so crazy. We always made fun of midwestermers and northern states because Californians would happily take earthquakes over tornados any day, looks like you're living the best of both worlds.

I actually kind of enjoy a good earthquake. The Fiance would disagree, his first stint as Natural Disaster Man involved his house being completely destroyed, while he was in it, in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. I slept through the same one.

Here's to hoping that the earth stops moving under your feet!

Lenny said...

Ness- you can interview this wiener anytime, babe. you know i gots nothing but love for ya. ;)