06 April 2008


WIP stands for Work In Progress.

This may become my new logo.

One of my last conscious thoughts after I hit the bed at 11:30 after being up since 4:30 a.m. was that I have a lot of Works in Progress and may run out of time.

I've got to finish my daughter's quilt. It got to be the Work In Progress That Won't Quit Growing. What started out as the hardest part being what order to arrange the squares in for eye appeal has turned into an embroidery monster due to my never-ending creative mind. Sure, when I get it done, it will be a beauty(and I just thought of a border to put around it when I was determined NOT to put a border around it. Normal people would say, "Forgettaboutit!" But I won't be happy with the quilt unless I put the inspired-in-my-whacked-out-mind border on it. I will consider it incomplete). Like Katie is experiencing with blogging, my mind just did a shut-down on the quilt so I haven't touched it in a couple of weeks. Tonight will end that quilt recess. Upward and onward! Oh well, it's warm again and it will be done by the time Fall rolls around.

I bought Michael a beeutiful Army logo scrap book to keep during his ROTC/Army career. Been gathering a lot of stuff for it, too. Is even ONE page done of it yet? Nada. I was going to give it to him for graduation. Another WIP. But, borrowing from Kellan's blog title On The Upside, I'll have it to add his BOLC II and III training at Ft. Sill. And it will be safe with me until he gets a forever home in Virginia after all of his training is complete...someday...

And my Quote Journal. I love-love-LOVE quotes and sayings that touch my heart and I have a quadzillion of them. I even bought rainbow paper to print them on. But have I worked on them? Nada. It was going to be my Winter Project...then I started Kiereney's quilt. I want it so when I don't feel like being or moving and have totally run out of spoons, I can look at it and it will speak to my heart. Sigh. Maybe I'l move it to my Summer project. A lot of people can work on many crafty projects at the same time, but that's never been my case. I'd rather persist and get one thing completed than dabble in many. At least I have a printer now...maybe that will give me incentive!

Which brings me to my latest WIP--me. I don't think there are craft tools to put this Humpty Dumpty(accent on Dumpty) together again. Without a thyroid and even with thyroid replacement, weight loss eludes me. My body laughs at Weight Watchers, diabetic diets and the like.Add to it the fibro and RAI I've had for cancer treatment and I am a blob. I walk when I can and seem to go up and down these 27 steps a lot so that should count for something. It's mother at 4'11" couldn't gain weight and spent most of her life trying to get abouve 90 pounds and her daughter is 2.5 her size. She wore childrens size 14 clothes and a size 0 dress. Most of the time, I can live with the sparse hair and weight and symptoms of disease but lately it has just been getting to me. So I think this WIP is gonna get revamped and acceptance and joy is going to be the new target. I have a wonderful life. I have a retired husband who has conqurered so many medical problems, my dachsies are alive and bring me joy, my kids are being my kids and marching to the beat of their individual drummers and I have grown so close to all of you here in BlogLand. I really hope we can get together sometime this year.

In other news, Michael is financed and fitted with his Class A uniform and really, folks, buying stock in a military uniform company is the way to go! Shoes, tie, belt, shirt, beret, pants and jacket and he ready for May 10 commissioning ceremony.

Did I get any pictures of yesterday's events at Ft. Campbell?

Not a single one!

Michael and Roger seemed to think that the MP and assorted cadre and base personnel would not be pleased with me taking pictures even though they would be in a military uniform store and be of my son. So the camera had to sit it out in the car...

But I DID get some awesome stuff while I was there(another Army bear with a beret to add next to the CJ Candle on my Military Shrine), some blue and taupe wooden roses that smell heavenly rosy and license plate frames that say US Army Army Mom. I will take pics of those and post in the blog tomorrow.

Have talked to Peach twice and we're supposed to get together for supper tonight! Will defintely get pics of that close encounter!

Get out and enjoy your Sunday! Going out in the yard is considered getting out.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Have fun with dinner!! How fun!!

Will be posting stuff about Blgerpalooza tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Steph said...


I hope that you have fun with Peach tonight. Yesterday I got to meet and spend the afternoon with Jake's Aunt Mo at the dogwood festival here in Atlanta.


Steph said...


No Ellie Sue wasn't with her. It was rainy yesterday and Mo said that she has been sick since they got home from their trip. So she left Ellie home with Tood while we were at the festival.


Alice said...

I have a quote journal, too! I LOVE collecting quotes, song lyrics, saying that mean something to me. I love that your are work in progress! Aren't we all???

Debra w said...

Michael must look so handsome in his new uniform! Can't wait to see some pics! You should be very proud, which I KNOW you are!

A quote journal is such a great idea. I write things down and then I forget where I put them, so that would really be a great tool.

Hugs dear friend,