01 May 2008

54 and Counting!

It was a phenomenal birthday on the 30th!

The girls came up on Friday evening and Michael on Saturday. Kelli and I went shopping on Saturday while Michael made a humongous birthday cake for me---I didn't get pictures but imagine 2-9x13 chocolate cakes with chocolate chips in the batter stacked on each other with a layer of chocolate fudge icing mixed with more chocolate chips and iced with chocolate fudge icing and topped with MORE chocolate chips! Kelli gave the ultimate gift of putting my candles on the cake(number candles---please---we do have fire codes here) and purposely arranging them so they read 45 instead of 54. I enjoyed being 45 until midnight. We watched Juno and it was wonderful!

On Sunday Michael decided I had had enough attention so he managed to get a tick embedded in his foot between his big and 2nd toes so after this LPN gave it all she knew, we headed off to ER where they numbed up Michael's foot and the tick gave the Dr. a run for his money as well. Michael is on a course of Docycline to hopefully ward off Lyme's disease.

The kids left Sunday night.

On Wednesday my birthday began like this with my husband's phenomenal gift certificate to:

One heavenly hour of massage with my fibro being kept in mind. The music and atmosphere was phenomenal. I felt like the pampered princess and would have stayed in that nest of warm blankets for the rest of the day if it was possible.

But after Roger poured me back into the truck we headed for a pedicure and walked on the wild side(it will match the dress I'm wearing to Michael's graduation)

Roger asked me what I wanted for lunch and being the eclectic girl I am, I opted for a new ice cream shop, Maggie Moo's where I had a white chocolate dipped waffle cone with a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of black cherry both infused with toasted walnuts. Didn't get a picture of the cone but got a couple of pics(albeit fuzzy ones) in Maggie Moo's.

We got home about 2 and my spoon supply was in the negative, so I got into my jammies and was at the computer when the doorbell rang. Roger answered it and came back bearing:

Sweet, sweet Deb from Four Angels Momma sent me this basket with a stuffed dachsie dog surrounding the basket and the most GORGEOUS umbrella tree plant in the basket! I was simply stunned that she would do that for me! It is sitting next to my computer now but it is going out on the deck with my butterfly bush so I can sit in a chair and zone out on its beauty. In the Illinois coolness it will be getting its own plant stand and will bask in the window next to my computer. Deb, somehow, I think my mom had you do this. I know it has grieved her for years that her favorite time of the year-my birthday-was not celebrated in the style she would have done had she lived. This is the first birthday that I *really* celebrated with my heart and just not going through the motions. The sentiments on the card, Deb, were so touching and your phenomenal gift will keep on giving to me on a daily basis.

We spent the evening munching on leftovers and rewatching Juno as it is one of those movies you have to watch several times to get everything out of it.

Thanks to each of you who sent an e-card or a message on my blog for my birthday. So appreciated!


Maribeth said...

Oh I just love Juno too. I can't wait to get my own copy.
BTW, Hubby's birthday is on Sunday!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

must get juno have heard too many good reviews ... I am so glad you had a great birthday! the cake sounds awesome the spa over the top and pedicure is always delight! I had to laugh at the nickname you were given I have little doubt that in thier minds you earned it... I just got a email martha was late to her 4th period class... guess she is thinking i wont come to the school... sigh...thank you for the kind words and open invite to call... it means so much... well emails coming in from the teacher got to fly
Love n hugs

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ohhhh got all busy with this teacher and forgot to mention VERY COOL DEB~!!! what a beautiful gift

dlyn said...

Happy Birthday Ness - glad you had a wonderful day!

Katie said...

Happy belated birthday.

I hope you realize that what I wrote yesterday was not a reaction to your comment, not in the least. There were several strangers who emailed me, very unkindly, telling me to get over myself. I am sorry that people felt a need to say something to you and I hope you know that I value your input and your presence around the web.

It sounds like you had a great birthday and I hope that this is one of the best years yet.

cyndy said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday!

kim-d said...

Awww, Ness, I'm so glad you had a good birthday! Nothing better than a massage and purdy toes. And that Deb! Isn't she just incredible? There is no doubt in my mind that she ended up with her four Angels because she is an Angel herself...

And I'm right there with you on Juno--I love that movie! I will be watching it tonight :)

Have a good day, & hugs.

Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend, Ness! Love from me and Lenny!

Alice said...

I am so glad you had a birthday worthy of you! And I'm even more glad you're back and blogging. I got your email. I am overwhelmed. I feel so incredibly blessed that God has brought you as my friend into my life.

Love and hugs!

Lanny said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a nice one! :)