02 May 2008

Please keep my youngest in your prayers

UPDATE at 6:00...The CAT scan and sinus x-ray came out normal. There was a shift change at 3:30 and her new nurse didn't like that her bp had not come down despite the meds so he started an IV and gave her Demerol. About 5 her blood pressure and oxygen sats went waaay low, so they cut back on the Demerol and her pain level went from 10 to 3. They have diagnosed her with a cycling migraine and gave Kelli prescriptions for Phenergan(which is supposed to extend the effect of the Demerol) and Fioricet. Kelli is to put her to bed, give her Phenergan at 8 and she was told that if her pain level goes above a 3 to give her the Fioricet and if that did not bring it down to bring her back to ER and they would give her more IV Demerol. If the pain cycle can be broken, then it should go away. Kelli had migraines in nursing school and my mother did as well. I wanted to go down there so badly but Kelli insisted I stay put and she did a phenomenal job with both the medical staff and Kiereney. Michael got out of his National Guard duty early so he is home helping Kelli out. Thank you so much for your prayers. Our God is an awesome God! With a history of stroke in the family and Kiereney having weak grip strengths, I was really worried!. If anything changes, I'll update. Thanks again for your friendship and care.

UPDATE AT 3:14...Imitrix, Zofran and Xanax has not helped at all so they are repeating the CAT scan and doing a sinus x-ray.

Kiereney was in ER last night with "the worst headache she's ever had" after having it for the last 5 days(she wouldn't tell me because she didn't want to ruin my birthday). Her sister took her to ER last night, CAT scan and blood work came back OK, diagnosed it as a migraine(family history of those, especially her sister)gave her a shot of Zofran for nausea, 2 shots of Nubain for the pain and sent her home with a prescription for Ultram. Her brother and sister got her home about 11 and at 2 a.m. the pain was back with a venegance. They told her not to get the Ultram filled until today. Michael went and filled it early this morning and the pain is no better, she is dizzy and barfing. So her sister took her lunch hour and took her to an Urgent Care Clinic who said to get her back to the hospital so they are en route.

It is storming here and down there(they're about 2 hours southeast of me) and Kelli doesn't want us out in it so she's keeping me updated by phone.

Why they haven't given her Imitrex or IV pain med and get this headache stopped I do not know. Her bp is running high and her pulse is in the 120's both indicative of severe pain.

I do know that Kelli has been around her mother enough that when she takes her back to the same ER as last night she will see to it that they will be doing something to take care of her sister. Kelli is an LPN and I'm so thankful she is with her.


Steph said...


We need to stop this amoung our families. Sheesh, we could keep a hospital in business between us. I hope they find out what is going on with Kirney. We are about to start all of the follow up visits for Dad this week.


Lanny said...

Prayers said!

Alice said...

Oh my god. I was just coming back to wish you a happy weekend. First, prayers are being said continuously in Atlanta. I'm so glad she's got an LPN with her who can make sure she's being seen after. Please keep us posted via blog (or email) as much as you can. We're thinking about you, Ness and holding all your family up in prayer.

Lanny said...

Goodness, Ness! Another CT scan would be enough to get my blood pressure up like that, and to have the pain on top of it? Unthinkable! Y'all will all remain in my prayers! Please keep us updated.

I wish you peace while you wait on results. Waiting is so hard!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am glad they have done somethig to help kirney and that kelly is with her. Its 10 05 pm here and I am just checking my blog buddies... I hope you are holding up ok ... I know its hell not being able to be right there making sure with your own eyes that she is getting the care and feeling better.
Hugs and prayers to you and for them.
Dad called me earlier tonight he was in a wreck yesterday on pontoon rd... totalled his truck :(
thank God however that he is ok.
Hugs and prayers call me if you need to or just want to chat.