16 May 2008

Aren't Those The Most Beautiful Colors You've Ever Seen?

Radical, baby.

Plain Radical!

Who would have thought a pill in my favorite color combo of red and white could make me feel PAINFREE and sleepier than sleepy? I feel like I'm floating just beneath the surface of the water and can see everything above it in a magical, mystical way.

Grasshoppers unite!

Translation: Man, that Lyrica kicked my butt yesterday. I slept all afternoon and was in a purple haze the rest of the evening. I have to take it every 12 hours and supposedly the sleepy girl side effects will subside. About 3 hours into the Lyrica the pain disappeared and at the 11th hour of the Lyrica it came back with a venegance. So the jury's still out. He gave me a 7 day sample supply to try. I just took my 4th dose about 30 minutes ago. So far no sleepy effects and I'm still in pain.

I'm showered, packed and ready to leave at 11. I'm letting Kiereney sleep for another hour. She had another bad headache yesterday when the neighbor started mowing his grass. She begged for us to call 911, said her meds weren't working and I was so out of it by that time that Roger handled her and got her calmed down. I owe him bigtime!

Michael treated himself to the movie Iron Man after work yesterday. His orders got changed(no surprise there--this is the military) and he leaves Monday instead of Sunday for Springfield. He is enjoying his job.

Kelli is still dealing with a real diva! She called Kelli and asked her to bring her a sweatshirt, a change of clothing and her makeup bag yesterday. Kelli carted that there from New Jersey to Rockefeller Plaza via subway and when she gave it to her she said, "YOU BROUGHT THE WRONG SWEATSHIRT. I WANTED MY NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK SWEATSHIRT. THIS IS BAD. GO BACK AND GET IT." to which Kelli said she looked at her and said, "You're kidding-right." Erica didn't specifiy a particular sweatshirt in the original decree so Kelli just grabbed the first one she came across in her suitcase. Kelli then went on to Central Park and was summoned back by Erica(who had been using one of her new friend's phones) and said she needed Kelli to come back and let her use Kelli's phone so she could call home and check on her son. Son Joe, in the meantime, came home from school sick and Erica's mom had to take him to the Dr. where he now had a high temp and strep throat. Kelli said, "Do you want to go back home to be with him?" Erica said, "He's fine and I'm not leaving." So Kelli spent another peaceful night in the hotel where they broke into a program and said that New York City was being drenched in deluges of rain. So I imagine Erica had quite the wet night. I turned on the TV to see if I could catch a glimpse of her bright pinky-red hair teased up in the 80's style but there are so many there I didn't see her. I don't know if they will stay tonight or will come home tonight. Kelli said she's ready to be home. Erica hasn't reimbursed her for anything and the only reason Kelli went was because Erica said she was picking up the tab for the whole thing and wanted Kelli to go as her guest. This should be interesting.

I will be back Sunday. If anything goes awry, I will give Hallie a call if she's not "busy".

Get out this weekend, even if it's just to your back yard, throw your hands up and praise God for life.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Maribeth said...

Oh man, that Erica sounds like a real loser!

Alice said...

Ness, I hope the meds work out for you. Sorry, baby-girl is still having headaches. But isn't that Roger wonderful? I hope she's on the road to recovery. Y'all have a safe trip this weekend!

kimmy said...

I hope they can figure out what meds work best for you! How frustrating it must be for you to be in so much pain!

I will definitely think of you this weekend when I am outside doing my yard work!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep it is a small world, I hope you have a safe trip and keireney gets to feeling better ... Bless you Roger you are a good man. kelli's so called friend... may not ever be a friend any more...Will be thinking of you call if you need anything or just to chat
love n hugs

dlyn said...

Hope your meds start working right and the trip goes well Ness and that Kelli gets home ok too.

thought I would pop over and remind you that the front/back door meme is due for an update - not sure if you saw the tag last month, but thought I would check in about it - you can jump in any time if you didn't do it before.

kim-d said...

Oh-oh, Ness, another one of those mental-pause moments. Thought I commented earlier today! Not that your world would come to a stand-still without a comment from me, but I sure don't want you to think you haven't been on my mind :)!

That Roger! What a guy! All of that Lyrica-induced sleepiness--whoa! It's too bad the pain comes back so acutely. Gosh it would be nice if they could come up with something that would truly help. And for Kiereny, too. Poor kid; right when it seems to be getting better, it goes backwards a couple of steps.

And then there's that friend from hell of Kelli's. What the heck happened, anyway? Was there ever any indication before that she was like this? I just do not understand this type of thing, and I never will!

Have a good weekend, Ness!

katie said...

all my love to you and your family!

Have a great weekend, Ness!