14 May 2008

It Really Worked!

I was born in St. Louis, MO which has the slogan The Show-Me State.

In other words, prove it to me.

So when the pedicurist couldn't smooth my feet to suit me, I decided to put the Ped Egg to the test.

I figured it was a gimmick but I was desperate with sandal season coming on.

The first thing that impressed me was the ergonomic design. You don't know how many of the Dr. Scholl's foot sander sticks I have broken into two. This baby fits in the palm of my hand and smoother feet I have never had! By the time I used the buffing pad on it, these tooties were ready to strut their stuff.

And I also found a new way to exercise my shoulder. I got quite the aerobic workout.

I didn't gross out when I emptied the little tray that collected the foot shavings. They were as smooth as flour.

So the Ped Egg get a big Who Hoo and Thumbs Up in my book!

Being on trying new things, I took my first Lyrica pill to help with the fibro pain last night and again this morning. The jury is still out on that one but I should know in a week.

Kelli's having a not so great time in NY. Erica planned to meet some Internet friends there to camp out for the NKOTB in Rockefeller Center and basically dumped Kelli when Kelli came down with a panic attack and couldn't truck down the streets of NY as fast as Erica wanted to. Kelli went back to the hotel room in New Jersey and really felt bad. I think Erica is star-struck, and not a bit smart as she left home without a cell phone and has never talked to or met these Internet friends before outside of a couple of chatting sessions. I told Kelli to enjoy NY herself and see what she wants to see(World Trade Center site, St. Patrick's Cathedral, etcl)Kelli has to go back down to Rockefeller Center this morning to take Erica a change of clothes(it rained last night) and Kelli renewed the motel room for the next 2 nights. So far this all expenses paid trip by Erica has been paid for by Kelli. Erica better start ponying up some money. I told Kelli this is a learning experience so learn from it and move on. They are leaving Saturday morning to come back as Michael leaves for training in Springfield, IL for 3 days on Sunday. We'll be leaving Friday morning to take Kiereney back down to So. Illinois for her neurologist apt. Not sure how long we will be staying. I miss our solitude lives back at the apartment.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You did NOT just praise the Ped Egg!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Hallie DOES have issues with a device that scrapes AND COLLECTS nasty foot shavings!! ICKO.

And sadly, there is one on it's way to Maine from Florida courtesy of one Airman Shmoops and an agreeable grandmother!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Are you sure you didn't scrape away brain matter instead of foot particles?

Hallie :)

kimmy said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Hallie on this one Ness. Just watching the commercail for the Ped Egg disturbs me...YUCKY!!!!


kim-d said...

I'm really, really sorry Ness, but I'm gonna have to go with our Main Maine Girls on this one. OH.I.JUST.CANNOT.SCRAPE.MY.FEET. JUST.CANNOT. What I could do, though, is slap Kelli's "friend" upside the head for her! How rude! And I'll be interested to hear if the Lyrica helps.

Big, Gentle Hug

kim-d said...

NO WAY...NO CANCELLING!!! We'll just shake our heads and cluck our tongues at you and your Ped Egg. BWAHAHAHA :)...

Alice said...

Wow. The Ped egg has brought out the "clucking" in everyone! I agree it sounds kinda gross, but I'm with you on loving some smooth tootsies! And it is sandal weather!!

Sorry Kelli is not having the fun she had hoped for. You're right. It is a learning experience and we all have them. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be fun.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I do believe I would try the ped egg... am of the philisophy of not knocking it till i have tried it... of course i do love to mix peas into my mashed taters and gravey too... I am with kim on popping the(not such a) friend of kelli's right upside her silly head... but yes a learning experience for kelli. I hope she has a good time right by herself and does all the things she wants to do while there.