24 May 2008

I am totally blown away!

In the last 24 hours, 2 people have misued the voice that God gave them.

One incident concerns my baby daughter and all I can say is the woman involved needs to have her vocal cords jerked from her throat or a frontal lobotomy...I can't believer the nerve and utter crassness(is that a word? It is now.)

Kiereney Jo has broken out on her face. It's not any of the poisons(ivy, sumac, oak) and it is only on her face. She hasn't been outside except to get into the Jeep so I don't think it's weed rash. I surmise it's either a reaction to the adjustment in her meds or maybe the body still recovering from the roller coaster ride it's been on for the last couple of weeks. She has no other symptoms. Anyway, she and Kelli went to Wal Mart Thursday night and as she was checking out, this customer was walking by her on her way out and in a loud voice proclaimed, "What is wrong with your face?" Kelli was in another check out line and only saw Kiereney talking to someone. Kiereney was waaay taken back and finally started coughing(fake coughing) and said, "Oh, maybe it's because I'm just getting over meningitis!" and the woman gasped, backed away and quickly walked out of the store.


Kelli said you would really have to look hard to even notice it was on Kiereney's face.

I told Kathy about it and she said, "Bet you it was a Mary Kay makeup saleswoman. They are always scrutinizing peoples faces trolling for customers." Apparently Southern Illinois is booming with Mary Kay salespeople. I see quite a few pink cars(the company awards them the right to drive pink cars if they make certain sales quotas). I think it's wonderful they are out there working for a living but to loudly say something about a total stranger's face in a public place is waaaaay out of line.

Just made my blood boil when Kelli told me about it last night.

The next incident I need to preface by saying that I have ALWAYS been against the publicity of school/mall shootings because it becomes a "monkey see-hear/monkey do" or a contest of, "Gee, they only killed 6 I could kill more," and proceeds to do so.

And you already know from a previous post my love of the Kennedy family.

Hillary Clinton chose to refer to the June 1968 assassination of Bobby Kennedy today in conjunction with her discussion of why she is not giving up the presidential race. Something about her husband didn't win his presidential nomination until June and Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June, making the clear-as-crystal but yet unspoken in as many words message that she'd better hang around because, who knows, Barack Obama could be assassinated and she would then move into the Democratic Presidential candidate position.

That reference to Bobby Kennedy's assassination was so out of line in my humble opinion for many reasons, but the fact that the 40th anniversary of his death is just around the corner and the family took another hit this week with the news of Edward's malignant brain tumor. They didn't need her reference to another Kennedy tragedy on the tail end of the news of Edward's medical problems less than a week ago. Very thoughtless on her part.

Plus, we have three categories of nominees that are running that have never run before(an African-American, a woman and a senior citizen) and not all are happy about that. Let's not publicize the concept of assassination. It doesn't deserve it. There are many people out there with mental disorders who would view the press coverage of what Hillary said and interpret it as, "Hillary's talking about assassination...let's go blast away the presidential candidates!"

In summary, does anyone think any more before they engage their mouths?


Catty Ax Lady said...

You know what? Good for Kiereney Jo for speaking up for herself. What a total moron. And you're right about most of the Mary Kayers I know...always looking for a sale...but I've never known one to so outrightly and rudely speak her mind.

Hillary's a boob. I'm not sure she, or any of the candidates for that matter, have used their brains before speaking...ever.

There is total boobage in this world. BBM and I always look at each other and say "The world's gone mad". That's the only explanation for it.

Anonymous said...

Totally inappropriate of Hilary-i so agree with you ness!

You have a great weekend, my dear sweet Ness! you are awesome!

Mama Bear said...

Thank you so much Ness for the comment on my blog. It means a lot to me. More than you know. Yes, I am on a fentanyl patch. I have been for almost 3 yrs now.

I am so sorry someone was so rude to your daughter. I am so glad she took up for herself. I have rosecea on my face and people have been rude to me when I have a break out, calling me rudolph, etc. It hurts, but you take it that they must have problems to make fun of someone else.

That was a bad statement Hillary made. I truely do not know who to vote for this year. I am not fond of any of them.

God Bless you Ness. You are such a kind and wonderful person.

Have a happy and safe Holiday weekend!!


kim-d said...

Here's the deal, Ness. The key word is think. To think, one must have a brain. In addition to the boobage inhabiting the world, there is a total lack of brainage. Then, there are those who, while having a brain, are completely devoid of common sense which probably puts them in the boobage category. And I hate to make generalizations but, to me, it is a fact nonetheless--many in both categories can be found at Wal-Mart. I have some ideas on this phenomenon, but I do have a brain and I do have some common sense, so I'll keep them to myself. To Kiereney Jo, I will say, this Kimberly Jo thinks you did a great job handling Miss Ca-Ca For Brains in Wal-Mart. And as for Hilary...she scares me. More so than "some others" who shall remain nameless**one other in particular, B.O.** Election Day will find me in a quandry.

Have a good weekend, Ness!