23 May 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Ours got off to a phenomenal start Thursday night when we got to have supper with Catty Ax Lady(Whirlwind Lodge) and her 2 sons, 1st grade and 3rd grade. We ate at a place I had never been to but highly recommended by Catty Ax Lady or was it Juniorette Mint who is due in September(and my anniversary on September 2 would be a great day for her to make her debut!) called Olga's. I was still full from lunch so I had coffee and FRENCH TOASTED CHEESECAKE. We'll let Olga tell you about it: Hit it, Olga!

Our Only at Olga's twist on New York style cheesecake. Warm and crunchy outside, cool and creamy inside, served with strawberry topping and whipped cream.
Darned if any of us could tell WHAT the crunch coating is on the outside. It is not coconut, shredded wheat or spun sugar. This is driving my husband BANANAS and he's going to try to replicate it at home. Please--if you know what this crunch coating is and you're onboard to preserve what little sanity I have left, please let us know what the crunch coating is.
It felt like we've known CAL(Catty Ax Lady) forever. She is beautiful and her sons are precious. They remind us of Roger's grandsons Connor and Kyle. I kidded them both about being older brothers and what havoc a baby sister would do to their possessions but they're still in that innocent, excited phase, bless their hearts. It was a pleasure finally getting to meet CAL and I hope it's the first of many more gatherings. We left to go to the game and she was heading for the Croc kiosk. She's a girl after my own heart and I wore my Crocs loud and proud last night.
The game...what an adventure. I was ill-prepared as it was quite windy and cold and I could have used a couple of blankets. I thought my hooded sweatshirt would do it but nada. Before the game started, the staff came up to us and wanted to know if we wanted to participate in a 3rd inning giveaway. I immediately pointed to Roger(he needs his occasional 15 minutes of fame as a reward for dealing with me). The deal was, for every strikeout the Grizzlies pitcher made in the 3rd inning, we would get an increasing savings bond starting at $20, then $50 and upwards to $100. He agreed and right before the 3rd inning the crew came up to interview him and I tried to make myself as small as possible with my sweatshirt hood pulled up and tied over my face to my nose. Roger is Mr. Personality(next to Lenny, of COURSE) and he had fun and ended up winning a $20 savings bond. Despite hot chocolate and pain meds, the cold winds were getting to me and we had to leave before it was over but the Grizzlies WON and beat the team from Southern Illinois where the kids live.
Got home in time to catch the last half of the season finale of Greys Anatomy and now need to go and watch the whole thing. I must say, this show isn't your 60's caliper of TV kids. They were kissin' it loud and kissin' it proud...
I guess the cold air did a number on me as today I am totally out of spoons and the pain level is off the scale. I'm going to hunker down in the recliner since I don't have to work today and watch my Reba shows I got from Netflix. I'm weird in the fact that I have to watch shows in order from start to finish in sequence so I ordered the first 4 seasons from Netflix.
Have a fantabulous Friday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sorry I missed the call. I WAS mulching and mulching and mulching until we RAN OUT!

Take care of yourself today so that you can replenish the spoon count.

So glad you got to meet JR. MINT'S momma!!


kim-d said...

What the heck is this about spoons? Oh, I am so behind the times, and I don't wanna be left out! So I've got to rush over to check out this Catty Ax Lady, too. As I, too, am a LOUD, PROUD CROCS WEARER. These babies are the best!

Mmmm...french toasted cheesecake!

Mama Bear said...

Crocs is the ONLY shoe I have worn for 3 yrs. It's all I can stand with the neuropathy. I thank God for Crocs.
The wind absolutely kills me Ness. I can not take it. I will be laid up for days if I am out in the wind. Rest up my friend, and avoid that wind!
That cheesecake looks so dang good. Making me want cheesecake now...LOL
Grey's Anatomy was so good last night. I am so glad it ended on happy times.
Take good care of yourself Ness. I too don't understnad the spoons thing. I NEED to understand!!! LOL..
Love ya,

Steph said...


It looks like the crunchy coating can be panko bread crumbs. They are a japanese bread crumb.

Take care of yourself and rest up so that you can recover some of those spoons.

Stop over when you have a chance, I have a small contest going.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i am like that.... i have to read series books in order and watch shows in order or It just does not seem right!
i guess thats why I have to keep my story in order or it just does not set well... hummm cause I sure could be jumping all over the planet!
HUgs hope you gather some spoons and have a bunch of pain relief!

kimmy said...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend Ness!