05 May 2008

Kiereney Is In The Hospital

Pain got bad again, her stepmother took her about noon and they did another CT scan and a spinal tap. They found protein in the spinal fluid so they are admitting her, starting her on Acyclivir and getting a Neuro consult. I'm headed to Marion, IL. Prayers and good thoughts will be appreciated. I will be in contact with someone when I can.

Alice, the thingies should arrive on Wednesday. They were sent UPS.


kim-d said...

Prayers, good thoughts, crossed fingers...any and all...I'll be saying/doing them for Kiereney. Travel safe, Ness! HUGS!

Maribeth said...

Prayers are being sent your wy and Kiereney's as well.

Mama Bear said...

Prayers for you and your daughter! I will be thinking about you and her. I pray your travel was safe and that Kiereney was better when you got there.

God Bless~

dlyn said...

Oh gosh Ness - so sorry you are going through this. Prayers going up for Kiereney and that her doctors will have wisdom. hugs!

Alice said...

Ness, sending so many prayers and love your way. I'll be checking in constantly. Please text Hallie or Laura or one of the other girls who have your # and let us know how Kierney is doing. We are holding you close in prayer, dear friend.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and safe and call any time you need to.

Steph said...


Keeping Kiereney and you in prayer. I have e-mailed you my cell number, call if you need to talk.