13 May 2008

Playing Catchup

but apparently not like Hallie and John at WWoW are...oh, to be young again!

My body has definitely caught up with my wild week...the Dr. was not pleased with any of my test results and my bp was through the roof. He is starting me on Lyrica to see if it will help with the fibro pain and has preached the sermon on the mount that having to take pain meds daily does not make me a drug addict(I limit myself to one Vicodin a week and do Advil the rest of the time cause I didn't want to be accused of being a drug seeker). He's rerunning all of my tests in August. And I ran Kiereney's illness by him and he agreed with everything that is being done for her. He said that viral meningitis is a tough thing to get over and the headaches are unreal. She is sleeping right now and when she's not Nurse Mom is pushing the fluids, healthy eating and making sure she's resting. I know she feels bad when she doesn't ask to go anywhere.

Names are not important, but know that I have the most phenomenal blog friends who go above and beyond friendship to make sure my life is made easier. With not working last week and the expenses of being at the hospital, not to mention the price of gas and traveling back and forth, Michael's car decided to get in on the action and needed to go into the shop yesterday. After I got back from the Dr., Roger handed me an envelope from the mail with a music card that played "Lean On Me"that had a money card in it from these wonderful blog friends. I have called them/emailed them and thanked them for their generosity although the words "thank you" seem so inadequate. God works in mysterious ways!

Michael started work yesterday for the ROTC program at SIU. This is called the Gold Bar Program and he will do it until he leaves for Ft. Sill in November. His first order of business was taking the government ROTC van to get detailed for its upcoming trip to Ft. Lewis, WA. He had never driven a vehicle outside of a family one so this was a big deal for him. He had the government credit card to pay for the detailing and couldn't get it to work so Michael, being Michael, brought the van back and proceeded to detail it himself. He now has a cadet that he went to school with under him and Michael said it was hard for the cadet to call him Sir or Lieutenant instead of Dwyer. Michael knew if the cadre heard the cadet address him incorrectly the cadet would be busted, so he took him to one side and explained that he had to address him correctly now. Michael said he felt bad for him but would have felt worse if he hadn't of taken him to the side and explained the importance before the cadre heard the cadet.

Kelli and her best friend(Erica) leave tonight for New York. On the Today Show on Friday, their favorite band from their teen years, New Kids On The Block, will be there and they wanted to be there. Who knows? I may see them on TV. Erica's husband is picking up the tab for this trip for Erica's 30th birthday. Keep them in your thoughts for traveling safety. These 2 have been friends since birth and with Erica married and having a child and Kelli not, it's been hard for their lives to mesh together over the years. Even now with them both living in the same town again, it's hard to find time to get together. I'm hoping this trip is phenomenal for them!

It's storming so I need to get off of here. I will catch up with all your blogs later. Have a blessed day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

John and I aren't "busy" ALL THE TIME!!! :)

You just happen to call when we are!! Just kidding.... :)

I think you have been calling when we are just out of the house doing errands or walking or just puttering around. (John is becoming such a good putterer!)

Please take care of yourself, Ness. I VERY SELFISHLY need you to be at least sort of healthy so I can "lean on you" in times of need. And boy, do us Twomey's have times of need!

I am glad to hear that Kiereney is resting and that momma nurse is there to help.

And Michael? How cool that he is officially official.

And Kelli? Tell her to say hi to Matt Lauer for me!!

Hang in there Ness - Boston isn't THAT far away!! :)


Alice said...

Love that everything is going well for you guys. Love it! You take care of yourself, Ness. I'm with Hallie - we need you!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yeah to all that hallie said ... she has a way with words LOL... well all except for the BUSY all the time stuff Giggles...
yep you must take care of you and thats so hard when one of your babies is hurting but we trust you to do the best you can on that front.
Hang in there kids... Michael you are just a doll, detailing that vehicle and protecting your friend all in one.
Kiereney hang on tight to the knot at the end of your rope things will get better, viral mennengitis is horrid i have heard and, takes time more than anything to recover from.
Kelli! what FUN! i am soooooo excited for you I hope you have a camera with and take loads of pics (I love NKTB)
Hugs and prayers
ps. a hug for Roger too as I know he is right there in the thick of things~

Mama Bear said...

Fibro is painful Ness. I hate it and along with my nerve pain, its unbearable sometimes.I know how you feel on the pain meds although. Rest as much as you can. Take the pills as needed.TAKE CARE OF NESS TOO!!!! I agree we all need you around. God bless you and your family. I am glad things are looking up for you.

kim-d said...

Well, my friend, sign me right up with everyone else here who says we NEED you as healthy as possible. Let me just tell you this now so that you will always know the time I started commented here, I already felt I knew you through Hallie and Alice and the others, and I cannot imagine what I ever did without you! I feel SO blessed with this blogging world of ours; you mean the world to us. So take good care of your "under-the-weather girl", your "boys" and your "travelin' girl"--but take extra special good care of you!

kimmy said...

Kelli is going to have so much fun! I would love to get to a live airing of the Today Show. I am a big Matt Lauer fan!

Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Please don't forget to take care of yourself!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Who told you I was out looking for new blogging blood cuz y'all are boring me? That was supposed to be a secret!! :)

And if you MUST know my beloved Ness, I spoke to Kim-D, then you, then Amanda (Vegas Princess) and lastly Dayna.

Do you feel better now? :)


Razor Family Farms said...

I am brand new to your blog and have to tell you that I was completely stunned by your blogging friends and their devotion. You are very blessed. The best part? You know it. And you wrote them a thank you note that had me in tears.

You are an inspiration. I am so glad to have found your blog.