14 May 2008


And good morning to all of you, too!

I'm running low on the ingenuity side this morning on blog title names so thought I would liven things up...

And most definitely check out I haven't had time to read it all(Yes, my name is Ness and I'm OCD and an anal retentitive control freak and had to check out the spelling of bow-chika-bow-wow and found it on Urban Dictionary so that's how we got from there to here...) but it looks like I could get a brand new education from it!

(We are WHISPERING this and knocking on wood with both hands) but I *think* Kiereney is doing better. She watched TV last night and laughed. She has the prettiest, most contagious laugh.

Michael did paperwork with the Lieutenant Colonel yesterday and was planning for recruitment sessions in the area. I told him to keep it real and honest because you never know where my friends are and if I hear any "television commercial/car salesman" pitches for the Army coming out of his mouth, he will not be able to hide and I will find him. When he went to the recruiters I followed up with a phone call and made sure what information he was given was accurate. I don't deal well with slanting the truth especially when it comes to mine/yours/the nation's kids.

Just talked to Kelli's friend Erica and they are in Philadelphia and an hour from their motel in New Jersey. They are dead on their feet but having a phenomenal time. I told them to look both ways when crossing streets, DON"T talk to strangers and a few thousand other helpful Mom hints that I could get away with because I AM THE MOM even though they're 30. Erica has made tshirts for their 15 seconds of fame outside the Today Show on Friday seeing New Kids On The Block.

Roger is so loving retirement although I think he does more now than when he worked! He has cooked and cleaned and laundried and cries for more. He has enjoyed having Kiereney here and babying her.

OK, so what is your flea secret? Don't talk to me about flea collars or that stuff you put on their neck once a month...tried both and failed miserably. We heard about a product and ordered it called(we interrupt this blog for a brain fog moment)well, it's made out of ground up shells and junk found in the soil along the ocean and it is the consistency of sifted flour. It is supposed to be the end all/be all for fleas...something earth. Anyway, so far it seems to be doing better than most products we've tried. But I know how resourceful bloggers are and how many of you have dogs, so if you're on to a phenomenal flea killer, please let me know. They got these fleas visiting their cousins while Kiereney was in the hospital. It seems like my ex has forgotten that grass needs to be cut on a regular basis and it is high at the kids' house. He also failed to lay hands on the lawn mower and heal it so Michael has nothing to cut grass with. Dad "supposedly" hired someone to do it... High grass coupled with all the rain, it's not a good combo for a flea-free environment.

It's something totally wacky. Except for Hallie and John. They've done enough and John is STILL in recovery mode...those crazy kids!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

1) I love urban dictionary! I've used it often.

2) Yeah for Kiereney. (I yelled that quietly)

3)Tell Michael I second the TELL IT LIKE IT IS statement. Recruiters are ONLY good if they are at least MOSTLY honest.

4)NKOTB rules! (well, not really but I got caught up in the moment)

5)Roger - I hate to cook so please come and save me.

6)Fleas - what the hell are those? Never had them - I think Maine is too cold...even in the summer.

7)John insists "gettin jiggy wit it" is just good medicine!

Hallie :)

Mental P Mama said...

I am so glad things are on the upswing at your house! Yay! Well, except for the fleas. We are lucky that we don't have them. We have ducks, though, and they are becoming as pesky as fleas to me. Have a wonderful day!

kim-d said...

I'll come back after work and comment for real but for now I just HAVE to say:


Razor Family Farms said...

We live in Georgia -- flea central and haven't gotten them yet. We bathe our dogs with organic flea shampoo & conditioner, feed the garlic in their treats (which I make myself), and use K-9 Advantix.

I'm brand new to your blog and thought I would say hello!


Alice said...

I'm so happy Kierney is on the upswing! Continued prayers for her today. I LOVE NKOTB (but I hesitate to admit it on my blog for fear that Ervin will back out of the marriage!!) Can't help you with fleas - Scout is a completely indoor kitty, so fortunately we haven't had that problem. Do vets still do "flea dips"? And while I'm asking what exactly are "flea dips"?????

Debra W said...

Hi Nessie,

So glad to hear you sounding so perky!

I am so glad to hear that Kiereney is feeling a bit better! I know that her recovery is going to take time and patience, but I am so thankful to know that she is headed in the right direction. What a scary ordeal.

Congratulations to Michael! You must be so proud of the young man that he has become. My dad was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army when I was born. I still remember him coming home looking so handsome in his uniform. Please tell Michael I said thank you for his dedication to our country!

I think it's great that Kelli and Erica are taking the time to nurture their friendship. What a fun and memorable experience this will be for them! I love NYC.(My hometown) I just know that they are going to have a wonderful trip.

Happy belated Mother's Day! I am glad that you had a great one. You are such a terrific mom. Your kids are so lucky to heave you!

Please take good care of yourself and make sure that you take the time that you need to rest! I read that you are starting on Lyrica. Very good medication. I have been on it for a long time and I think it has done a lot of good. I am glad that you are going to give it a try. Let me know how it works for you.

Happy Wednesday, dear heart!

Hugs and love,

Lanny said...

What timing! My mom and I were talking about Urban Dictionary on the phone earlier tonight. I used it ALL THE TIME when I taught middle school (to stay on top of what they were talking about).

Glad Kiereney is doing better.