16 June 2008

And they're off! (UPDATED AT 1:45 PM)

Well $400(neuro consult and new meds) later we come away learning that:
1. Kiereney NEVER HAD viral meningitis because in order for that to happen, there had to be some WBCs(white blood cells that elevate when there is infection, either viral or bacterial)in the spinal fluid and hers were 0. Also to support this is that she had the lumpar puncture done 6 days after the headache started and if she was either starting meningitis or had had meningitis(which shows elevated WBC from Headache Day 1) there would have been an elevation in WBCs.

2. The new neurologist(which we really like and believe me, I questioned him more than Tim Russert EVER questioned someone on Meet the Press-God bless you Tim!) said that there is a syndrome with young women that they do not know WHY it happens or what causes it but they can have increased spinal fluid pressure and that will cause the type of headache that Kiereney is having(unrelentless, sharp, etc.). HOWEVER, apparently there is a measurement that is SUPPOSED to be done at the time of a lumbar puncture to measure the pressure of the spinal fluid in the column and THEY DIDN'T DO IT ON KIERENEY!!! It is as routine as taking your vitals when you go to the Dr. in the lumbar puncture world. I combed all her reports last night and noticed it wasn't on the lab reports but was hoping I missed it. Dr. Burger(new neurologist) couldn't find it either.

3. I asked about all the Acyclovir and Rocephin she was given IV in the hospital to treat viral meningitis that wasn't there and he said given her symptoms, he would have ordered the same course of treatment and it didn't hurt her to have the meds.

4. The Nortriptyline (increased from 25 to 75 mg a day over the course of a month) is apparently not doing anything for this headache so he switched her to Topomax and he wants to see her in a month. If the headaches are the same, then he wants to repeat the spinal tap and will check the spinal fluid pressure to either rule in or rule out what is causing the headache. If it is elevated spinal fluid pressure, then we go from there...

5. Blood pressure is STILL elevated so she stays on the Lisinopril.

6. He said he was not going to let her suffer(even though the lowest pain number she's accomplished since the end of April has been a 7) he started her on Vicodin and gave her a refill.

7. And then I nearly coded when I went to get the meds filled and the Topomax came to over $300. Since she's seeing him in a month, I requested just the 60 pills and that way if they don't work I won't have an excess on my hands like I do the Nortriptyline that she just got refilled yesterday...sigh.

Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers. Kiereney got really upset when she saw how much money I was spending but I told her that I signed on for it when I let the obstetrician do the C-section and I would try to be an expensive, cantankerous old lady to make up for it. :-)

Carter is napping, Cade is not and I've given up working for today.

Didn't Scarlett say, "Tomorrow is a new day."

I'll work tomorrow.

I took the boys out this morning to play kick ball for 45 minutes. Invigorating to say the least. Going to the park after supper to wear their little hinies out.

Keep me in your prayers please.

We got all 3 kids home in time to watch the Tony Awards.

Rock-n- rollin' doesn't EVEN begin to cover it!

It's like having 2 sumo wrestlers in my apartment.

If the dachsies could talk they would say, "We are SO tired of hearing, "Cade, don't jump on the beanbag because you almost hit the window, Carter do NOT hit your brother over the head with the beanbag, no, we do not smack the fish tank to wake up the Nemos(all fish are Nemo, dontcha know?) One went to bed at 8:30 and the other fell asleep about an hour later. Cade woke up at 4 for a drink and to be serviced. I managed to sleep until 6 when Carter got up. Uncle Roger got to sleep in some and he grabbed a shower and is now out there attempting to reign supreme over the munchkins while they eat their Cheerios and milk and I'm in here working. I will owe him the rest of my life for his help. And he made me coffee to prop my eyelids open.

I think I forgot to get the broncos and ropes necessary to reign in these wild horses but by the end of the day they will have a religious experience and be changed children. My kids didn't act like that and these aren't either.

Or I do have bungee cords that I can suspend off the deck if necessary...kidding-put the phones down from calling Children Protective Services...

Kiereney's appointment is at 11 so I will try and update or give Hallie/Laura a call.

The dachsies are busy learning Child Avoidance Techniques while trying to coverly steal their Cheerios...they need to quit thinking with their stomachs!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah for the doggies learning avoidance techniques!!

I think they SHOULD get extra Cheerios for having to put up with those kiddos!!


Mama Bear said...

I pray your daughter's appointment goes well, and all will be fine.

I hope your visitors, didn't cause to bad a fibro flare. If I had some extra spoons, I'd share but I am in the negetive myself.

God Bless you Ness~ What a great person you are!!


Catty Ax Lady said...

I'm just going to comment on the update, as that's as far as I got and I want to remember to ask you this: do I remember right that Keireney doesn't have insurance? Is that why the meds were so high? If she goes to Walgreens as well, check out the WCard. I regret that I can't tell you for certain if Topamax is on the list, but if she's paying the cash price, then it'll be better than nothing.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Poor Kierney! I hope she gets better now that this neuro is on the case.

Amy said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog the other day! I will continue to keep you and your daughter in my prayers. There is nothing worse than trying to figure out what is going on, medically speaking. Tests and doctor's visits are NO fun! I hope her headaches go away and that everything is figured out soon.

Take care!