17 June 2008

The Name of the Game

is surviving and so far, we're winning.

We took them to the park after supper to burn up energy of the kids.

I called Hallie for comedic relief while watching Cade and Carter learn on the fly about dealing with those who were bigger and meaner and had parents who supported/ignored their behavior, but she didn't answer so guess we know what SHE was doing...bow chicka wow wow :-)

Roger is a godsend and took them outside to play while I worked this morning. I'm almost done with work and I'll take on the afternoon shift. Trying to decide if this would be a good afternoon for the St. Louis Zoo...thinking-thinking-evaluating-thinking and my inner child says YEAH and my brain says NUTZ TO THAT.

We'll see...

Unfortunately no change in Kiereney's headache and she just feels lousy. I think the kids have been a bright spot for her except when they want to climb on her or launch into her lap unexpectantly. She stayed home from the park last night even though she wanted to go because she just.couldn'

Back to work. Have a phenomenal Tuesday.

Wordful Wednesday tomorrow, Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Why didn't I know you called? Maybe Connor was on the phone and didn't click over? Maybe I was outside? Maybe I was bow chick a bow wow? (not that one but we can dream!)

Are you having fun being the big bad disciplinarian?

I feel so bad for Kiereney. What can I do?


Alice said...

Ness! You have been one busy lady. Catching up on all your blogs. Continued prayers for Kierney. And you & Roger as you take care of those precious boys.

I've missed you my friend!

kim-d said...

Wow, Ness! I read back on your blogs and now Cade and Carter have worn me out, too. Please send Roger. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Poor Kiereney (and poor Mom worrying about her baby). At least it sounds like she's got a good doctor now!

Anonymous said...

Kiereney continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Look forward to your words of wisdom tomorrow, Ness! :)

jojo said...

Wow Ness, You've really got your hand full! Good thing you've got Roger there to help. Hoping Kiereney finds some relief SOON. I think this doctor sounds like a keeper. Praying he will get to the bottom of all this before long. Take care of yourself, worrying is a tough job and takes alot out of you...been there.


kimmy said...

Hi Ness! I'm just catching up on all my blogs and I am hoping that Kierney is doing well. You have been so busy lately. I'll be thinking about you!