03 June 2008

In It To Win It

or, in other words, Kiereney's new family doctor said she shouldn't still be having headaches and she's gonna get to the bottom of it.

Kiereney and Kelli both really liked the new Dr. and her staff.

Unfortunately, someone in the office dropped the ball and did not have Kiereney sign a med release last week so they could order all of her hospital records, tests, the CT results from both ERs, etc. so the Dr. was basically flying blind with no records to preview but she was very thorough both with exam and in taking history. She said, no, the ship has sailed with the viral meningitis and these continuous headaches aren't from that. She tried to call the neurologist while Kiereney was there who saw Kiereney 2 weeks ago and could not get in touch with her but she said she will get ahold of her. Kiereney has another appointment with Dr. K on Monday and Kiereney is to call her on Thursday and tell her if the meds she gave her yesterday(Lortab 10 mg--whoa-, upped her Nortriptyline from 50 mg to 75 mg and continued her Lisinopril because her BP was 155/110) are helping with the headaches. And the visit was only $70 instead of the $150 I was expecting as quoted by her office because Kiereney didn't have to have any labs or other testing done. Dr. K is pregnant and when she was examining Kiereney's eyes, her baby kicked Kiereney. The office has 2 other doctors so Kiereney will be covered during Dr. K's maternity leave starting at the end of this month.

Kelli was able to move better yesterday and she will be arriving here Wed. afternoon for a 3 day visit with her mom. I can only handle one child at a time now with my concentration probs worsening so since Kiereney was here for a week and Michael for the weekend, Kelli will be up to spend time with me this week. She is hoping the temp agency has a job for her next week so decided to take advantage of being off this week and come up to see me. Michael will take over Kiereney Watch.

Glad to hear that Senator Kennedy had successful surgery yesterday and hope and pray that with the removal of as much of the tumor as they could remove safely that the chemo and radiation will be more effective on what remains. Duke is well know for their cancer research and procedures and have a phenomenal success rate. A lot of my little CaringBridge friends go to Duke for their treatment.

Roger seems to be getting better so we dodged another bullet. Thank you for all the prayers, good thoughts and checking up on him/us. It means a lot to have friends pulling for you. We talked to his estranged daughter yesterday so hoping that Kate will take advantage of her father living only 5 hours away and will have him up to spend time with her, her husband and the granddaughters. Kate's third daughter, Grace, has been out of school since February with migraines they can't get under control. It seems to run in the family as Kate, her sister Lyn(Roger's other daughter) and their mom all suffer with migraines. Not a fun life for a 12 year old. They are trying to get her into the Diamond Headache Center in Chicago so I hope they able to do so and get some answers.

Going to try something new on tomorrow's blog called Wordful Wednesday. I have been putting together my quote book and stories I've collected over the years from various sources and will be sharing them with you on Wednesdays. Please give me some feedback on what you think tomorrow. Being the CEO of this blog, if it doesn't appeal to you, I can 86 it! lol

Have a great day!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugsssssssss I am glad THey found a dr who is refusing to give in and give up and will continure to work to get to the bottom of the issues... her BP is so high I would credit it some to the headaches... glad Roger is doing well... and hope all works out for him.
HUGE HUGS Love you

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad to hear things seem to be moving in the right direction. How cool is the baby kicking?

Thinking about you all ALL the time.


Alice said...

Glad the doctor visit went well. I hope Kierney finds some answers. And I LOVE WORDFUL Wednesdays!!! I am a huge fan of quotes/lyrics/sayings. I will be your biggest fan forever if you do this!!!!

kimmy said...

Can't wait for your post tomorrow.

Regarding the medical situation...keep looking for answers! you would think that all those years of education between all those doctors they should be able to come up with something!


dlyn said...

So glad that your daughter is getting some good medical attention - sounds like this doc is really on top of things. Praying that they will be able to break the cycle of headaches!

Mama Bear said...

I am hoping that your daughter gets some answers soon. My middle child has migranes which started at age 3 and she was miserable, throwing up, etc. They put her on dilantin, it didn't take them away but made them less painful and not as often. I pray your daughter gets some relief soon.
Do your children understand your illnesses? You said you could only hande 1 at a time and I can understand that, but wondered if they were as understanding and sympathetic. Just courious, as my kids don't quite understand my pain.
Ness, you are quite a great woman and I am glad that we are friends.
Glad Roger is doing better now, so things seem to be looking up for you.

God Bless~

katie said...

glad things are moving in the right direction, my dear sweet ness!

Look forward to checking out wrdful wednesday tomorrow, darlin'!