02 June 2008

Weekend Wrap

Despite the fact that some dingbat tried to T-bone Michael and I in the parking lot at Sears, we had a good afternoon together on Saturday. We went to the base and Michael got what he needed, I found a bunch of Army Mom stuff I thought I needed, but resisted and we went to Barnes and Noble, one of my favorite places on earth and looked around. Michael got a couple of books for pleasure reading---something he has deprived himself of since he began college in 2005 although I'm not sure how reading war history is pleasure reading...and then we went to Sears where he caught a great sale on Reeboks for $19.99(regularly $50). Of COURSE we got to the cash register and the shoes rang up $37.99 and the clerk couldn't find a price checker so she asked me to go and get the shoe and bring it to her. So I did...or tried. I grabbed the shoe off the shelf and started to walk forward and SNAP-the shoe flew out of my hand and back to the shelf because it was attached by an anti-theft bungee cord! So I did the next best thing after I recovered from that fumble and took the price tag out of the price clear sleeve-y thinging and took it to her. I told her the shoe was otherwise detained and couldn't come to the register. Sure shootin' the $19.99 price was correct and after she had to page a supervisor to override the register error, we left. Michael said, "Good thing it was $19.99 because I wasn't going to pay over $30 for a pair of shoes!" He is his mother's child because I feel the exact same way!

He got his fried chicken birthday dinner when we got back home and we spent the evening alternating between the TV and the computers. I think he enjoys the peace of our apartment without having 2 yakking sisters around him.

He got up and ran Sunday morning and we watched TV and had leftovers and hot wings for supper and he reluctantly left about 8 p.m. Sunday night.

We called Connor to wish him a Happy Birthday Sunday night and he was a trip! He said, "You KNOW I'm 11 2 years I'll be a teenager and my dad said that teens do mean things and parents don't like them again until they are 20 or so." He is so excited we are coming to Buffalo at the end of the month. We have a date for the opening of the new Pixar movie and he and Kyle have 2 ballgames while we are there.

I *think* Roger's cough is looser so I hope he continues to improve and get over this whatever he has. Last I heard the doctor was calling it a virus-that-turned-bacterial but since nothing showed up on the x-ray I'm not sure what we're calling it.

The girls called after Michael left. Kelli slipped on some water in the kitchen Friday night and ended up on the floor and Sunday she went to put her hair up in a ponytail and apparently has done something to the muscles in her neck and left shoulder as she can't touch her chin to her chest. I swear I'm putting the kids in glass cases so they can't get sick or hurt. They weren't this bad when they were little. Saturday Michael was helping my neighbor carry in her groceries and he slipped on a mud spot on the sidewalk and he went one way and the groceries went the other. Fortunately both Michael and groceries survived without injury but it sure looked like he was going to take a nasty fall.

Kiereney has her Dr. apt with her new family Dr. Monday morning so good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated that the Dr. can find a way to deal with these horrific headaches and a reason for them. Pain-wise, she's no better than when she left the hospital 3 weeks ago.

Even though it's Monday, I hope you have a phenomenal day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How about wrapping everyone in bubble wrap?

Hallie :)

kim-d said...

Oh my gosh, Ness--with all of the spills taken over the weekend, it's pure divine intervention that no one was hurt! At least I'm glad that Roger's cough isn't escalating--THAT'S good news! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and the prayers going that Kiereney gets some resolution with her new doctor. I can't even imagine how hard it is to put up with constant debilitating headaches...ugh!

Steph said...


I agree with Hallie, you need to wrap everyone in you family in bubble wrap. Glad nobody got hurt and that Roger is feeling a little better.


Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well for Kiereney. She has been in my thoughts and prayers!

I would love to come visit my Ness! at any rate Lenny will be there. hehe. maybe to stay with you. permanently. :)

Debra W said...

Wow, Nessie, my chest was becoming tight just reading about all of the stress that you have had to put up with! I agree with Hallie, I think you should just go out and buy a big roll of bubble wrap and get wrapping everyone!

I can't even imagine what might be going on with Kiereney. Does she have any allergies that the docs may have missed? I hope that this new doctor can help her!

Have a great week.

Hugs and love,