13 June 2008

In the Red and Going for the Black

I have transcripted my little arms off this week and totally depleted my spoons and then some.(If you're not up on the Spoon Theory see my side bar).

I'm off work today and tomorrow and I'm very glad for I need to rest, recover and regroup for the week ahead and get my Spoon Count back into the black and then some! Maybe into the Super Black!

I agreed to take Cade and Carter for a week to give Kathy a break and a chance to catch up with her house(hard to clean carpets with little ones around) and at the time I thought I was giving her a break on having to pay daycare for the week--however, it seems like the deal is, you go-you pay-you-don't-go-you-still-pay. I'm not even going there except to say that if it's for placeholding purposes at daycare so you don't lose your spot, then don't tell someone who you know is on limited income and trying to get the paperwork switched from their mother's name to her name since she now have guardianship of the kids that we will ONLY charge you for the days they are physically here and they only go 3 days a week and was counting on this no daycare payment week to survive until the first of the month.

After I made this committment, Kiereney's 2nd opinion neurology apt. came up for the 16th so we are meeting the boys and Kiereney on Sunday afternoon at the half way point between our houses and will have all 3 for next week.

I will be dealing with a 3 y/o who is having issues on regression of potty training since his mother went to her 30 day rehab(aka 30 days to learn new drug scoring tips from her fellow inmates---grrr--hot topic so I'm not going there either) and is having behavior issues with authority and living in an "everything-is-Mine-including-Cade's-stuff" world which was made worse when his mother was between jail and rehab since she lets him get away with murder and totally ignores the other child she gave birth to). Between the 2 of us(K and me) I am the stronger disciplinarian and will not tolerate stuff from kids in my care that I didn't tolerate from my own. Roger feels the same way so Carter may be sorry he came up here. We plan on taking them to the zoo if it's not too hot and doing things with them like the park, etc. They have a schedule when they are here including playtime, naptime, meal time and bed time and that's how it has to roll or else I will end up in the hospital from exhaustion.

You would think since it will be 3 adults(Roger, Kiereney and I) versus 2 little kids, it would be a cakewalk, but Kiereney is not/will not be doing ANYTHING but sitting/lying down if the Dr. doesn't put her back in the hospital. I'm sleeping both kids in our room as to not disturb Kiereney. Roger is a total team player and will be doing as much and probably more than I will be as I also have to work while they're here.

So you may not hear a lot from me except to update on Kiereney and if that becomes impossible, I will call Laura or Hallie and check in with them.

If you have not seen The Bucket List, do so. Phenomenal movie.

I am probably driving Netflix crazy because I'm on a jag of watching all the Reba shows and usually watch one CD a day and send it back the next. I'm getting my money's worth out of them for a change!

Enjoy your weekend and do something special for yourself and put it in my comments over the weekend. I feel a Be True To Yourself blog coming up in the future and I can anonymously post the things you have done for yourselves. If we're not good to ourselves, no one else will be. Remember what I wrote on Wordful Wednesday this week and be nice to YOU!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ok, here's the deal. You have taken on (willingly and unwillingly) a crap load and I'm worried.

You my friend, need to take of yourself in and amongst all the chaos.

Please check in with me periodically and if you need me to blog I will happily do so.

You are a strong woman Ness but not invincible - spoons or not, please don't over do.


Mama Bear said...

If I had some spoons to loan you, or give you I would Ness, but mine are gone and I am also in the minus. I fell outside and I am paying for that. Falling seems to be a very reoccurant thing for me lately. Even using my cane, I am still falling, and it's making me MAD!!!

Please be very careful, and take care of yourself. All those people need you around Ness, remember that. So please do not overdo, so you will still be around.
You are a wonderful person Ness, and I am thankful to be your blogging friend!!

Love ya and...
God Bless~

jojo said...

you are such an inspiration to me. I would have never known about the spoons if I hadn't stumbled on your blog! So PLEASE take care of yourself, and stock up on spoons, for all of us...we need you!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Call anytime... do take care of you... My crazy step mother is a wonderful kid sitter and does it regularly at her house if you need an afternoons break or something let me know. I can call her. I know she has two little girls about cade and carters ages plus Jordan who is 7 and lives with them perminantly... shes a strict diciplinarian too... anyway ... Hope you guys have a safe drive today and a wonderful fathers day to you Roger. and and and HUGSSSSSSS Love you heaps.