12 June 2008

Thank God for St. Patrick but you missed one!

A big, big shout out to JustMe who read my cry of distress at Hallie's blog about getting the snakes/rats out of my mind and commented on Hallie's blog that the Patron Saint I was begging for was St. Patrick! I haven't had a lot of time to explore her blog but it looks like a awesome place to be. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

So I called on St. Patrick and just as I was feeling better than the Ambien CR WOULD work last night THIS appeared on my Fox evening news channel last night!

What it doesn't say is that the mattress was manufactured in California and they feel what happened was the intruder inserted himself into the mattress as it was being made at the factory and somehow made the trek from CA to NY somewhere on Long Island.

Do you know what this MEANS?

I will NOT be in the market for new mattresses in this lifetime and, quite frankly, ANYTHING that I can't check out to ensure that tresspassers aren't in them before I leave the store simply will not be purchased.

I think Hallie has connections at Fox News and made sure this story was played during my evening news viewing hour.

Could be because I threatened to send her a plethora of spiders.

But when I said that, I hadn't had my morning coffee and I was still shaking, rattling and rolling from just having read her Wednesday blog.

But St. Patrick...a heads up, Oh Divine Saint.

Keep all vermin out of factory-made enclosed items.

Or I WILL put you on speed dial on my cell.

Ask God...I bombard Him enough with requests.

You really don't wanna go there.

I'm making the dachshunds read Hallie's blog this morning before I do. If they fall off the chair, I'll know it's not meant for my eyes.

But with MY luck, she'd have a nice, juicy steak there still attached to the cow, and afterall, dachshunds are ruled by their stomachs...


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Are we being a WEE bit overdramtatic this morning? Those rats were made of FROSTING and that snake in the mattress? Probably just wanted to say hello.

I'd think you'd at least LOVE snakes cuz they eat the rats you obviously detest.

And yes, threatening to send me a butt load of spiders was just mean. And unnecessary. Cuz the rats on my blog were (say it with me people) MADE OUT OF FROSTING!!!


(say hi to the doxies for me!)

Hallie :)

kim-d said...

Yet another thing that I have in common with the doxies. There's the short squatness, the tiny short legs, and now the ruled-by-the-stomachness. Yup, I'm a doxie in a human body :). And it's okay for you to venture over to WWoW, Ness. But I still like the idea of putting patron saints on your cell speed dial :). What do I have to do to get on speed dial? HAHAHA!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am with hallie I like ... ok will tolerat a snake as long as it is the kind to eat mices and rats... poisonous ones are fair game and will be shot if caught tresspassing on my land.
HUGSSS and have a great friday!