19 June 2008

Still Winning

the battle against 2 little boys. I'm ready to get them caps and gowns and diplomas for their graduation from Aunt Ness's School of Reality Check because not only have they lost the word NO from their vocabularies, they are pleasing and thank you-ing and excuse me-ing up one side and down the other. We are on schedule. We eat at noon and nap at noon thirty, we eat supper at 5:30, play outside until 7:30, take baths and are asleep by 8:30. There have been no time outs today and they were very well behaved when we took them to The Magic House in St. Louis last night. I have pics but they're not ready for viewing yet. It was a tie who had more fun...the kids or the adults.

I've been doing battle with Sprint today(funny how they listen when you tell them either get it straight or I'm cancelling 5 lines of service with you that I've had since God was a child.) Michael renewed his contract Saturday, updated his phone and the phone hasn't worked since he took him home. They were supposed to have his new phone in on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and it was a no-go. I talked to Franco, his original salesman and we came to an understanding that not ONLY will Michael's charcoal gray Sanyo Katana LX be overnighted from their Centralia store but by 1:30 it will be charged, operational and a courtesy car phone charger will be presented to him as well as an adjustment to his Sprint bill because he has been without service for 6 days and it's not good for a 2nd Lieutenant not to be able to carry on the business of the Army and checking on his sister and mom on a daily basis.

And...I finally did it.

The girls got the first 2 seasons of the show House and I have watched 2 episodes and This guy has my sense of humor and delivery and the shows are so well written that I can't figure out the endings.

Much to the dismay of my children, I now have a new quote taken from Dr. House in reply to when they ask me, "Do you think you're always right?"

I now say, "I don't, but it's kinda hard to operate on the other assumption."

Love-love-LOVE it!

Back to work. My munchkins are sleeping, the daughter is resting and all is well with the world unless I look at the negative spoon count and I just am not looking.


Debra W said...

Hi Nessie,

I am trying to catch up on what has been going on in your life and it sounds like I have missed a whole lot! I have been so out of touch since my Dad became ill.

I don't know how you are doing it chasing after two small, very active boys! Bless you for being such a wonderful role-model for them. You are such a wonderful Mom, and those boys are very lucky to have your influence in their lives. I can tell that they love you just through the stories you have told about them.

Be very careful with that "negative spoon count", dear friend. You and I both know where that can lead. It sounds like you have more on your plate than a few spoons can deal with, right now, so please take some time to recharge. You won't be any good for anyone else if you aren't good to yourself, first.

Hugs and love,

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am a house fanatic I love love love Mr laurie He has the best eyes and that attitude is great I hope and pray he is as fun In real Life.
Kudos on the kids scheduling and extradication of the word NO...
Get em straight and I love that "since God was a child" LOLOLOL fantastic!
maybe you should come run interference with charter cable for me... I found out this afternoon they have been charging me for a modem for YEARS but I bought my moden at best buys so tomorrow I have to take it to them to show it is not one of theirs... ACK... anyway HUGSSSS and a spoon (cyber style) for ya
Love ya

Mama Bear said...

Since God was a child, cracked me up!! That is so funny!!

I am sure those boys will remember the love you gave them for years to come. Good for you, to get them on a schedule. It's makes for a happier world for them and you.

You are my inspiration Miss Ness!!

God Bless~

Alice said...

This post made me smile. :) If you and Roger ever want to move south I can get you jobs as House Parents down here since you do such a good job with kids! :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I'm sending you some spoons with Laura!