20 June 2008

Pics from The Magic House in St. Louis, MO

Carter playing at the water tray.

Cade playing at the water tray. We liked to never got him away from there!

Aunt Nessie, we bought bread at the play store. Where's the butter?

Kiereney helping Carter "scan and pay" for his Hershey's syrup. This is definitely playing because Carter(aka Mr. Hyperactive Sugar Buzz) would never be allowed to get near chocolate syrup in my presence.

Cade built a tower out of blocks taller than he was and faster than Carter!

Carter built a tower taller than he was with only 1 meltdown.

Cade the Musician! Ring those silver bells, buddy---just not in Kiereney's presence. He has the stick in his right hand to tap/BEAT the bells with. That was another station we liked to never got him away from.

We took the boys and Kiereney(she went as a child and wanted to go and enjoy it through the eyes of the boys so loaded up with pain meds we took her and sat her down a lot) to The Magic House on Wednesday night and here are some pics of the trip. It is a "hands on/adult interactive" place and we did everything from enclose them in a soap bubble to have their shadows "frozen" on a big wall when they jumped at the sound of the buzzer. The pics are not good quality but I forgot my camera in between loading 3 kids and a diaper bag/sippy cups/meds/etc. There were taken by my cell phone and I PhotoShopped them but you can only do so much.

Enjoy and have a great weekend. We will be on the road Saturday redistributing children to their homes and coming right back as we leave for Buffalo on Wednesday!


kim-d said...

Awww, Ness, you are the best Auntie! And I was so happy to see that Kiereney actually got to get out and enjoy herself for a while, too. Good for her; I hope she didn't suffer too much for it afterwards! I'm thinking about you today as you and Roger do the child re-distribution :) -- too funny! It will be nice for the two of you to have some "down time" (if there really is such a thing in your busy world) before you "shuffle off to Buffalo." (just like in the John Fogerty song)!

Also just had to say how much I appreciate the support--really, it means a lot. I've read every word you wrote--many times--and it has really helped. And about that being here for me 24/7? I'm definitely taking you up on it, okay? Consider yourself warned...BWAHAHA! Have a great weekend :).

jojo said...

I just have one question for you Ness...will you be my Auntie too??
So glad you had such a good time with the little ones and that your daughter had a moment she could enjoy too. Hoping for many, many more for her as I am confident this doc will figure it all out!
Have a good weekend, and travel safe ;)