22 June 2008

Sweet, Sweet Sound of Silence

As of 7 p.m. Saturday night...

All Mickey Mouse balls were unloaded,
All sippy cups were back home
all the tons and tons of luggage were back where they belonged

and all children were kissed and hugged and back in their respective homes.

We took Kiereney home last and enjoyed a few hours watching my beloved Cards tromp the Red Sox(taking 2 out of the 3 games of the weekend series) and Kelli fixed baked chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. I cut the Lieutenant's hair, clipped dachsie nails(Kelli had a bleeder once and is afraid to cut nails any more) and for those of weak stomach(but not like Halli's posts) I fed my granddaughters the remainer of my supper via fork. Molly(4th granddaughter who is part lab, part dalmation) ate with manners that even Emily Post would have had to cheer for, never once clicking her teeth on the fork) and dear dachshund Brandy(my first granddaughter) held her own. Katie(2nd granddaughter) preferred to feed herself(and by coincidence, is Kiereney's independent streak correlation there, huh?) and Anderson Cooper and Savannah(the 2 cats) were on their own as Grandma tolerates cats because they're in the family but is not a gushy cat person.

Roger and I left after dessert(key lime pie and a chocolate Hershey pie-courtesy of Krogers) and drove home with a strange sound...silence. There were the most PHENOMENAL fluffy white clouds in a deep blue sky and I spent most of the way home looking at clouds to see what shapes they looked like(throwback from childhood when I would lay on the ground and look up at the clouds and see castles and flowers and dogs, etc.)

We got to the apartment and if two dachshunds could ever do the Happy Snoopy the Beagle Dance, it was Shania and Macon for we came without company and they could have us all to themselves...

Or at least until Wednesday when we leave at 4 a.m. for Buffalo and Michael will be here to chaperone Wednight night through Monday morning.

Working today and launching an all out search and rescue effort for spoons--any size, any color-cause Wednesday is coming and there are 7 grandchildren(ages 2-17) in Buffalo that expect my energized, undivided attention.

Go outside and breathe and recharge for Monday.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ahhhhh rest and relaxation! I got the message of your call last night... It came right about the time mike walked into the house and caught martha on his cell phone hiding behind our bed and he blew a gasket... seems she can not go two days with out doing something completely stupid :( This go around I made her remove everything from her room including the mattress and I had thought of letting her have it back last night but she ruined the night for everyone with her phone BS... I took her to the library the other day and let her get some books so when in her room she could read, also gave her a notebook and asked her to write at least one thing she is grateful for every day... she named the ankle braclet PIA (pain in the ankle) and at times seems to be interested in making a change but then blows the smidgon of trust all to hell and back... sigh... well I hope you find a supply of spoons and have a safe fun trip to buffalo
Love you and huge hugs

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Food off a fork? John is going to lecture you BIG TIME when he sees you!!

That may be his BIGGEST pet peeve!!

Hallie :)

jojo said...

wishing it would rain down spoons upon spoons for all of us ;)