24 June 2008

They Were All Wrong!

Roger isn't having a gout flare and he doesn't have a stress fracture.

He has a bone spur on the bottom of his foot that is pressing on all the nerves and muscles and thus causing the pain and swelling.

They are referring him to an Orthopedic doctor when we get back. In the meantime, they have ordered Darvocet for him for pain.

So I guess the doctor was more correct than Roger but I'm not awarding points to either of them.

I'm just running the 3 flights of steps going to get groceries, meds and do laundry and get the truck packed and work inbetween flights of steps.

And he said he is going to drive to Buffalo using only his right foot like normal people.

And he'd better because I'm just across the seat and if I see him cheating with the left foot, I'm going to have a high speed come-apart and it won't be pretty.

Plus take over the driving and that will kill him.

And me, too, cause I've got that being chauffered thing down to a science.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

It's always something...

Keeping you all in my thoughts.


jojo said...

o.k., I had a really good comment and it went poof! I must say I rather like the whole chaeuffer thing myself. My husband loves to drive and I always sleep so that I don't have to get stressed at his driving ; ) Hope you have a safe trip and Roger's foot gets better soon.
And Ness, STOP running yourself ragged! Those spoons don't go that far you know.
Thinking of you,


Mama Bear said...

I hope that you have a safe trip, rest in the car and be ready for those grands!! I pray Roger's foot feels better soon. Bone spurs are no fun, I have had them.

Thinking of ya'll and praying as well.

God Bless~

Alice said...

Wishing you a safe and uneventful trip, Ness. You keep your eye on Roger and make sure you pack enough spoons to get you there!

Prayers for you today.

kim-d said...

Oh poor Roger! And, thus, poor Ness :)! Cause I know how it is to have both be miserable when one is miserable; Bill and I were that way, too :)! Anything that involves orthopedic doctors/surgeons scares me, but it is so necessary! And taking three flights of steps repeatedly is no walk in the park, either! I've been thinking of ya, Ness--I hope you have a safe trip, and embrace your being-chauffeured-ness. It is a wonderful thing! For 13 lovely, lovely years I was chauffeured and there is nothing better :)! Love and hugs, Ness; prayers for Roger and also for your safe trip!

Steph said...


I hope that you and Roger have a safe trip and enjoy you time in Boston. Tell Roger to make sure he stays off of that foot. Bone spurs that aren't taken care of require surgery!!!

I'm back to blogging now, so stop by when you have a chance.


kimmy said...

I had a bone spur removed from my left ankle when I was younger. They can be quite painful. I hope Roger is feeling better.