20 July 2008

About BlogRoll...(Updated Update)



We've moved the Sephora outing to tomorrow afternoon. Kelli had a late night and because I'm a doofus who didn't think ahead of time and my doctor is a control freak who makes me ask for refills on Ambien every month and it won't be renewed until Monday, I ran out of Ambien and didn't take one last night(translated--threw myself under the bus) so I would have one to take tonight so all the way around, it was better to move our Sephora trip.

I'm headed to the store for groceries and will be setting up residence in the recliner with the Sunday paper and the ballgame when I get back.

And coffee, copious amounts, will be required to maintain the status quo.

Thank you all for your comments and affirmations and THANK YOU DLYN for putting me on the right road. Who KNEW the color of the blog type would screw up the color of the type of my BlogRoll ESPECIALLY WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE ON MY SIDEBAR WAS PRINTED IN BLUE!

So I changed stuff around and VOILA!!

I have a BlogRoll.

I added BlogRoll for two reasons: One, to highlight my phenomenal blog friends and let people know you're out there; and two, to help me keep up. I'm running in a semi-permanent spoon deficit the last couple of months so I'm trying to find ways to help me help my OCD self to keep up and this way, I can keep up with your updates.

I'm sure that made sense...

Scary did to me!

I'm off to go with Kelli to Sephora at a mall in Missouri via MetroLink. Definite quality time with my eldest!

Have a phenomenal Sunday!

It is a PITA!!!!!

I have tried a bejillion-quadzillion times to add all 17 of the blogs I follow, did the Save and everything looked beeyootiful.

Until I looked at my blog.

Some of you have icons and no names.

Some have nothing.

I gave all trying to get this straight.

So if you do not see your name, please don't be offended.

I didn't slight you.

I have asked dlyn for help since her BlogRoll on her blog looks apple pie wonderful!

Until then, I'm claiming the Serenity Prayer and the wisdom to know the difference that I can't seem to get BlogRoll to roll with me!

I am SO frustrated!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I see myself on the blogroll so all is good!! (hee hee)

Hallie :)

Debbie said...

I see myself too!!

Have a great Sunday! Don;t let the blog stress you out! We have enough of other things for that!! LOL..

God Bless~

Katie said...

If I could help I would, but I can only do blog related things that have very clear directions. (I see me too. I'm updating my blogroll soon and will definitely put you down).

Thanks for the advice earlier. I'm going to put a call in to the doctor first thing Monday morning. Sometimes you just need to hear the words from someone else to get yourself help.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

The way I do mine is through blogger... when I sign in at the top it says customize... I click that and it comes up with a ummm page it says add element and other things like that... i click that add element and then scroll the options till i get to the add link... you can name it what ever you want then do the link in the link line and when done I hit save then it is all there... if you want me to try yours for you email me and I will log inand then add who you read.
Hugs Laura

kim-d said...

Well, ya know Ness, sometimes that's just how we roll! BWAHAHAHA! I am a little sorry, but I just couldn't help it :). I have now decided upon a wry, ironic, chuckling attitude over life's irritations; that would be replacing the angsty, pounding-my-chest, oh-woe-is-me, crying attitude of the rest of the previous week. You'll have to let me know which one you prefer!

I, too, see myself listed so I'm all good. Of course, though, as soon as I read that Hallisicle is listed, THAT is what really convinced me everything was okay. BWAHAHAHA! I don't have a blogroll, I don't have a google reader or whatever you call those things; all I have is a list of my awards and such. It is all about me. :) Or, I could say I'm just trying to keep it simple...

I've gotten a little perspective back, so that's good. I hope everything is good in your world today, and I just wanted to say that even though I didn't comment last night, your "diagnosis day" story really got to me. And I'm heading there right now to comment on it. TTYL AND LY, too :)!

dlyn said...

I wish I could offer some sparkling advice Ness, but I just used the one under the customize option in Blogger. It worked perfectly the first time. If that is the one that's acting up for you, I would delete it and start over to see if that helps? Sorry I can't be more help!

dlyn said...

Ok - looking at it again - it is all there actually, but if you highlight that side bar, you can see that somehow the text is white instead of a color that would show up. That is why you can't see it ;)

kim-d said...

NESS!!! That passage from the Book of Ecclesiastes is one that I used for Bill's memorial service :). I LOVE IT; IT IS ONE OF MY GUIDING LIGHTS!

And Sephora rocks. Impossible not to have run in Sephora! But it doesn't rock near as much as your new BLOGROLL!! Good job Dlyn and Ness!

And just so you know? The lady that I see walking her dachshund past my house all the time? This morning, they went JOGGING past. You shoulda seen those squatty little dachsie legs trying to keep up. SOOOOO CUTE! Made me smile.

kim-d said...

And that is **fun** in Sephora...although you can run if you want to, I suppose. I can't imagine anyone WANTING to run, but you can...


katie said...

have my eyes decieved me or is it really true that i am the first on your blogroll!! woohoooo!! i know it's prolly just a fluke but my competitive self will take any first place on anything! haha! oh, i need serious help. :)

Hope you all had a great sunday so far! much love to you all from lenny and joe and i!!

Debbie said...

Yes, this weather is miserable, I do love summer, cause of the garden and all, but Fall is nice too. I hate winter cause of the snow and all. Now these dog days of summer are yucky. I like about 80 degress, not 90. LOL.. I don't want much, do I? LOL

Have a great rest of your sunday!

God Bless~

PS. Too funny! My word verification to post a cooment for you is weathr..LOL

jojo said...

wow...I didn't make the blog-roll cut...i'm kinda sad ;( I tend to take those thing personally you know!!! Have a great time at Sephora...

Debra W said...

Sending lots of love and prayers your way, as always! Thanks for including me in your blogroll. I will visit the ones that I am not familiar with because I know that you only associate with wonderful people!

I can't believe that your doctor makes you wait for refills on Ambien! That is ridiculous. Make sure you thank him for the loss of a restful night!

It wasn't Melting Pot in the photo, but that was a very good guess! We have been there too, and like it a lot. The place we went to is called La Fondue, and it is a lot like Melting Pot.

I hope you are having a nice weekend.


jojo said...

THANKS ya. :)