21 July 2008

It Is What It Is

I did get to sleep last night but woke up in a really depressed mood. Things are tough right now for me and I know could be a whole lot worse but I'm feeling my feelings today and ready to go hide in my cave.

However, life goes on. I have to work. I have to be cheerful for my husband and take care of his needs and entertain my daughter while she's here.

I am glad that Blogroll got to working for me. There are blogs that I enjoy reading and keep them on another list, but there are those blogs that I NEED to read and keep up on because they're my closer-than-a-sister soulmates and a major part of my life. I'd do anything for them.

I hope all of you have a great Monday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Do you need a hug? :)


(btw, your word verification made me type HAGWIK today. Is this thing making fun of me now?)

jojo said...

I always wish I had something wonderful to say to make everyone feel better and chase the blues away. I know it gets really difficult sometimes to deal with so many different things, from so many different directions. I'm thinking of you and your family Ness. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way and hoping your day gets better ;)

Debbie said...

Just dropped in to say, Ness, I send you love and hugs ((((Ness)))).

The blahs seem to be making their way around lately. I can't keep my blood sugar down for nothing lately, and that makes me feel bad, and sluggish.

Thinking of you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless~

kim-d said...

Hey, my Nessa. You know...that I know...whereof you speak :). Here's the good news. While last week I was ready to go eat worms, this week is...well, not really much better, but I'M better. BWAHA! So I decree that it will be the same for you!

If I were there I would give you lots of (((very gentle hugs))) because very gentle hugs are better for those with fibro. So consider yourself gently hugged.

Take care of you, my friend. TTYL and LY.

Debbie said...

Can't say I have ever prayed for Walgreen's before, but praying that Walgreen's wins this one!!!If I could send you one of mine, I would!!

God Bless~

Tracy said...

Wow I feel so Important I just noticed I was on your blog roll!!!!
I am so has been a whirlwind day full of surprises good and not so good. Thanks for adding me my friend!