24 July 2008

I Just Wanna Be

Ambien's CR girl.

Through a miracle, Walgreens got the doctor to sign the refill and last night it was pure unadulterated Ambien CR sleep heaven!

Of course today I'm still hung over from the lack of sleep from the other nights but soon I will be caught up.

Thanks for all your good thoughts, threats, prayers and everything that got the Ambien CR to me.

I gave Kimberly her laugh for the day as we were on the phone when the Ambien CR came to me out of the automatic chute in the drive up window.

sniff~~It was the SWEETEST sound to hear that bag PLOP in the box.

I am childless for the first time since July 3. I can walk into the computer room without fear of waking someone up, not have to lock my bathroom door during a shower or shedding anymore and it's a wonderful feeling.

So you think I all deserve a peaceful weekend-right?

Well the kids dryer and refrigerator died suddenly so we went yesterday and found one heck of a sale where we got both for $700 except Mom has to deliver them to them on Saturday since they wouldn't fit in Michael's car. So Saturday I will be on the road again...

Off now to work and enjoy the peace.

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

My name is Hallie and I'm a PROUD AMBIEN-AHOLIC!!


Ness, we need a secret handshake or something!!