10 July 2008

Not for the faint of heart


I just got these pics on my phone.

Seems like Kelli, for lack of anything else to do last night, tangoed(read got entangled in Molly somehow), tripped, fell and tore the tarnation out of her elbow as illustrated.

Her brother(the EMT) was at Kathy's so she went over there to swap him cars and show him her elbow.

His brilliant diagnosis? "Wow, that looks bad."

Did he offer to take her to ER to be stitched?


Did she decide to take herself to ER?


Did she need the stitches?

Oh yeah!

Is she up to date on her tetanus?

Yes, by one year.
They say nurses make the worst patients and I concur, especially my eldest daughter!
I told her they needed to build a rubber room for her.
Kids---whatsa matter with these kids today?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Icko - missed your call last night but am planning to call you after work. Fen is at vet - $600 surgery. UGH.


Alice said...

Good gracious, Ness. I've heard nurses and doctors are the worst patients. :) Too funny. Hope she's OK. You're going to have to get "mama-knows-best" on her.

Debbie said...

OUCH!! Bet that wasn't so funny, on her funny bone!!! Poor thing.

Now REST, Ness!!!

God Bless~

kim-d said...


Just wanted to stop by quick and say hi, and let you know I'm thinking about you! I am slowly but surely getting my bearings so should be back around the blogosphere a bit more shortly. Until then, don't forget me, okay? Your words of encouragment have really meant a lot, Ness, and have helped me immensely. They--and YOU--are appreciated.

kimmy said...

That looks like it hurts! I

Have a good weekend Ness!


jojo said...

all I can say is...eeeewwwww ;)

Have a good weekend Ness, hope everyone around there stays safe and healthy.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

awwww Ness the scorpions only come out in SUPER Dry years and then not many they are tiny little buggars when we find em we do kill em they are hard to kill though so on occasion I have caught them in a jar and dumpped them off down the road LOL... in 21 years here we have had maybe 5 in the house ... so you are safe come on down PLEASE!!!!!!!