12 July 2008

We Are The Champions!!!

Semi Finals were this morning in Buffalo. Connor and Kyle(The Mets) were playing the best team of the league(The Phillies).

The Mets trailed most of the game until the 8th innining. They put some hits and runs together and Kyle knocked in a run that tied the score! They went on ahead to win the game!

The Mets are league champions!


And this is the boys' FIRST year ever playing baseball.

In the picture above, Kyle is 3rd from the left in the bottom row and Connor is the last one on the right in the upper row.

We got a phone call from them as soon as they got home. Connor had to tell me about the game and then Kyle had to tell Grandpa. They got their trophy and ice cream from the coach and to them, they just won the lottery.

But they did keep it in perspective because when I told Connor that this win was better than the Buffalo Sabres winning the Stanley Cup, he and Grandpa yelled at the same time, "No way!!!"

So proud and happy for those boys.

Please keep their mom, Lyn, in your prayers as she has been having some problems and will be having a colonoscopy at 10 a.m. Monday morning. Her dad had to have his sigmoid colon removed for numerous diverticuli that could not be removed and so we're hoping Lyn does not have to go through this.

Kiereney's neuro appointment is Monday at 11:30. Unless the neuro changes his mind since the last visit when he said if she was no better(and she's not) he wanted to do another lumbar puncture/spinal tap, this is not going to be a fun week.

Also as long as you're praying, the deal fell through on Michael getting paid this week and it has been a month since he has been paid and he has bills to pay. As Hallie and others can attest, dealing with the military red tape at times can make you want to SCREAM!!! The last word yesterday was that he might have to travel to Springfield(3 hours away) this week and get this taken care of and be set up for emergency pay. If it comes to this, I hope they plan on reimbursing him for travel expenses. We sent him money yesterday for him and his sister to have food/gas because she has not found a job yet. God is an awesome God and I know He will provide.

Have a great weekend!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

AMEN~ congratulations connor and kyle! prayers for all~ Hope you are getting abit of rest this weekend!
Love n hugs Laura

dlyn said...

Congrats to the boys and prayers going up for your kids.