28 July 2008

Please Keep Michael in your prayers/thoughts today

Give me any kind of pain or torture you want, but don't hurt my son.

I have mentioned in other posts that Michael has not been paid since 10 May.

I saw Michael yesterday and he is bewildered as to why. He has faithfully gone to his job every day. He has recruited, planned recruitments, and done everything asked of him.

Every day seems to be a new story on why he hasn't been paid and when he's going to get paid. Michael is a by-the-rules kind of guy. He doesn't ask for favors or disregard the chain of command.

This 23 year old is in risk of losing his car and his phone because payments are behind. Unfortunately for him, his mom is limited by how she can help as the resources simply aren't there and that kills me.

Michael has made a he is calling and if his pay is not straightened out(last week's story was that he would be paid everything owed to him from 10 May to current including his base housing allowance and the differential between cadet pay and 2nd Lieutenant pay) he is going to the Inspector General. This is something that Michael is not undertaking lightly. But he feels he's given it a fair chance to be resolved at this level.

My son is losing heart. He's worried about paying his obligations. He's not getting the concept of working for no pay. He loves what he does and does it with spirit and pride.

By now anyone else who had not been paid for almost 3 months would have been up in arms.

The system is taking advantage of a young, new Lieutenant who only wants to serve his country.

And he happens to be my son. And it's hard to see your son get screwed over.

So please pray, chant, hold good thoughts or whatever that this situation is resolved today.

No soldier deserves this.

Thanks for all your love and support. This mom is very grateful.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Praying, praying, praying...that this all gets resolved.


Alice said...

Of course we will pray without ceasing. Keep us posted, Ness.

dlyn said...

Praying he gets it straightened out soon Ness - I assume he has gone through his chain of command? Lauren has had some difficulties along the same lines [like waiting two years for her re-enlistment bonus!] Her CoC finally got it taken care of, but it was not easy. Once something gets messed up in the military, it stays messed up - they are run by the government after all! Hope he gets his money right away.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That's truly awful. I really hope it gets fixed ASAP.

jojo said...

Sending lots of prayers and love that this mess get's fixed today for your son. I know the waiting is hard but please remember we are all here for you ;)

Steph said...


I hope that everything works our well for Michael. I am keeping in him in my prayers.


Debra W said...

Oh Ness,

I am so sorry that Michael is being jerked around the way that he is. He is such a fine young man and he does not deserve to be dismissed in this way. Nobody should be expected to work without pay for such a long time. I pray that Michael's situation is resolved very soon and that he is able to pay all of his bills. The last thing a young man needs is to have his credit ruined!

I LOVE the new look of your page, Ness. Very nice!

Sending lots of prayers your way.

Hugs and love,

kimmy said...

I hope this gets taken care of soon! I'll be thinking of you and your son!


Debbie said...

Praying for Michael and I am mad that our government is doing this crap to our service men and women. It's not fair that a man in our military loses good credit because he isn't being paid for his duty. He and his family are in my prayers Ness. I just wish I could win the lottery and help.

God Bless~

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and prayers ... you are right anyone else would have already had a fit plus two... it is insane they need ot do right by michael!
More hugs Laura

Tracy said...

I know it is hard for good soldiers to go against "chain of command" but sometimes it has to be done-we have had to do it more times than I can count. It isn't the way things are supposed to be nor would so beleive it happens too much. He needs to do what he needs to do-the military is his life but also his employer. Pay is a basic need. Praying all will resolve and he will make the contacts he need to get this matter taken care of.

kim-d said...

Oh Ness...I am so praying, and then praying harder for Michael. That is just ridiculous; I don't care who your "employer" is, people do not work for free. And when it is the military, I think it is even worse. I, too, am a person who plays by the rules--until the other party doesn't, then it's time to take steps just like Michael is doing. I can only imagine how hard it is for him, going a direction other than the straight and narrow military line. However, once he gets to someone who listens, I think he should also request letters to be sent to his wireless carrier, auto finance company and the credit reporting bureaus as to why this should not reflect on his credit rating. But, yes, that is probably just way too much to ask. It would be the right thing to do, though.

Whew! Can you tell I have some strong feelings about this? Good for Michael for doing what needs to be done.