29 July 2008

Update(With picture at end)

Michael's boss, who is on vacation for two weeks, stopped by the office yesterday to get an update on Michael's situation. He gave him the name and number of the Inspector General, a few tips on how to handle it and told Michael to keep him updated. Michael called the Major he has been dealing with in Springfield and the latest episode is that they have tried seven times to get Michael into the pay system without success.(My first comment was then how come you've not received seven phone calls saying that this is not working instead of you having to make all the contact and try to find out why you aren't getting paid?)

As of yesterday afternoon, the story is that more emergency pay for Michael has been authorized and will be in his account this Thursday. The rest of what is due him will be paid on 4 August. Apparently the MyPay system is not working for Michael so they are rerouting him through a different system. Michael told the Major that with all due respect, he is not holding his breath that he will actually be paid in this timeframe and the Major apologized again and said that Michael had the respect of Springfield with the way he has handled this situation. So we are still praying that this will happen and ask that you do as well. I feel so hopeless and helpless at this time for my son and somehow feel I've failed him somehow.

Also Kathy goes to the lawyer today at 11 to see what the bio father is wanting as far as Cade and Carter. She is going alone(which was an answer to a prayer as her husband tends to be very volatile and she didn't need the opposing lawyer seeing that) She is scared but knows that God is directing the way.

Roger's foot pain has now extended up to his hip which was replaced 3 years ago and into his back. My husband is not one to take pain relief but I have seen him do so more and more the last week. I'm trying to lighten his load all I can but not to take away his freedom and spirit. He lives to take care of me and feels he is not doing a good job of that. He is spending most of his time in his recliner reading and watching TV and he is used to being up and about.

This is really sounding like a Debbie Downer post this morning and for that I apologize. But life is what it is here and I have to keep it real for both me and my friends.

I heard the neatest thing last night that made me smile and know that life goes on. A young man was having the time of his life sailing down his driveway in an old office chair with wheels that was being put out to pasture. His father was out taking pics of him doing this. Talk about celebrating the moments! Taking the time to watch your son do something that is so fun and documenting it on film is what life is about. These parents are the real deal! Go find your office chair and sail down your driveway or find another way to bring a moment of joy into your life today. Do it for me.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Ness my dear you have not failed Michael, you have given that young man a heart of paitence that surpasses any i have heard of and so loyalty and love, the military however needs to get his pay straight and fix any problems he has with his creditors and they can do that as they are responsible for the problems he has been facing. when I grow up I want to be like YOU!
love n hugs Laura

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Bombarding Michael with GOOD LUCK vibes for $$$$ to head his way and postivie prayers for Kathy.

Who the heck lets their kiddo engage in such a dangerous activity?


Alice said...

I'm glad you keep in real Ness. This is life and sometimes it is not fun stuff. But how wonderful is it that we can rely on friends across the country to stop what they are doing and say a prayer for us? Just know that you, dear friend, are in my prayers today. As are Michael, Kathy and Roger. Sending you lots of love today and an extra prayer. (and spoon.)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hope the money really does get to Michael, and I hope all goes well with Kathy, and Roger's pain subsides.
This morning while taking the dogs out, I found a ladybug and brought it in to the Princess. Does that count as a fun thing? ;o)

Debbie said...

Ness, you have not failed your son, the military people who take care of his pay has failed him. You have taught him the strengths it has taken to get him this far.

Not all days are great Ness, and if this is a Debbie Downer day let it happen. Not that I like that term...LOL. Your blog is your blog to express how you feel. Holding it in, makes it worse and for a sicker Ness. Your friends are here with you, for your good days and not so good days. We love you Ness!

I will keep Michael in my prayers as well as you and Roger. I know how it feels to not be able to do what I want to, so I feel Roger's pain.

I hope the rest of your day is brighter.

God Bless~

kim-d said...

Okay, it's time for you to listen to Kimberly, and listen to her good... Okay. Ready?

I fail to see how you could EVER think that you have failed Michael in any way or, for that matter, any of your children--but because Michael is the one with the situation right now, we'll keep it about him. A Mother who fails her son doesn't usually see that son proudly serving in the military and handling situations better than many men twice his age. If you had failed Michael in any way, I don't think his superiors would go out of their way to help him at all; they would do everything they could to thwart his efforts to get paid. If you had failed Michael, he would not have the coping skills to handle these SNAFUs in the exemplary manner he had shown! It would be interesting to hear what Michael would have to say about you thinking that you've failed him. I don't think he'd like it. You've got us all praying for him--as well as wishing on stars, crossing all crossable body parts, sending good thoughts, and who-knows-what-all-else. And now I'm gonna say some prayers for you, too, that you will get your Ness-ness back, PRONTO :)!

And Roger and Kathy? It goes without saying--more prayers for both! But extra special ones for you...

Okay. End of Kimberly lecture. Still like me? BWAHAHAHAHA...

Debra W said...


You have equipped Michael with everything he needs to be a strong, self-sufficient, and confident young man. He has done everything correctly and respectfully in this situation. You are an AWESOME mother and you have done NOTHING to fail your boy. You have provided him with so many wonderful gifts that he is making great use of. I know how hard it is to sit back when there isn't anything we can do but support our children while they work things out, but sometimes we must.

Poor Roger. I feel so bad about what he is going through with his foot and hip pain. Please tell him that I am sending lots and lots of healing prayers his way. He is such a dear man. I pray that his pain subsides very soon.

Now about that boy on the chair. Those things are not good for my heart! I'm pretty sure that having sons would have done me in. I guess that's why God didn't give me any. Hopefully, by the time I have grandsons, I will have developed a stronger stomach!(and heart!) OY! My girls are hard enough to observe sometimes!

Sending lots of prayers for Kathy and the boys, too. And for you, my sweet friend. Try not to use up all of your spoons worrying about everyone else. You need to save some for yourself, dear heart.

Hoping for better days, very soon!


PS-I agree with Debbie up there, that the term"Debbie Downer" kind of gets me down! What happened to the days when the name Debbie was kind of peppy?