17 July 2008


Kathy asked me to express her heartfelt gratitude for your thoughts and prayers today. It was the only way she got through work, she said, as she is simply devastated at the thought of what could happen. She has Fridays off so she will take the weekend to regroup and think and pray and I'm asking to please keep her in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. This is a hard burden to share alone but for the time being, she cannot share this with her immediate family and keeping a smile on her face and tears out of her eyes is going to be worthy of an Oscar.

One bright spot of today is that Michael just called and his emergency pay has made it to his account and it appears to be the beginning of the end of the pay SNAFU. Thank you God!

Tomorrow I am off so spending the day with my youngest before we take her home on Saturday. Please keep her in your prayers as she is without pain medication that will work because her neuro refuses to give her the Percocet that ER gave her and the Vicodin that the neuro gave her does not work. It is so tough to see her in pain and not be able to do anything about it. I believe my eldest is coming home with us on Saturday to spend time with Mom and her brother will pick her up on Wednesday.

Thank you again for your continuing support today. We are keeping the hope that this will all work out or we will be given the grace to accept it.

The bio dad has filed to get custody of Carter and Cade. This would be like giving them to Satan. Kathy just called me with the news and is hysterical. Pray that a way is made to save these boys and keep them in their stable environment. We are all just heartsick.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

When does it friggin stop pouring? Haven't those kids been through enough?

I am praying my ass off Ness until you say otherwise.


dlyn said...

Praying the judge has wisdom Ness!

Debbie said...

Prayers going up now and praying hard!!

Alice said...

I second Hallie.

Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

And continued prayers for KJ, too. I know she's been through hell recently. We are holding all of you up in prayers.

Keep us posted.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I started praying yesterday when I go tthe text... tried to text back but phone was acting up. Love ya and ya'll hang in there!

kimmy said...

I will be praying my ass off with Hallie that those children stay safe!

I'll be thinking of you Ness!


Alice said...

Praying without ceasing...

Vegas Princess said...

Came here via Hallie's blog to send some warm wishes and prayers your way. Through these tough times us bloggers must stick together. I hope everything works out and you have some good news soon.