05 July 2008

Saturday, and the livin' is easy...

This was taken at the ball game last night. The light in the sky is the St. Louis fireworks being shot off over the Mississippi River during the 9th inning of the ballgame.

We lost to the Cubs 2-1 but Pujols(Cards' 1st baseman) hit his 300th homer last night so that was exciting. We had standing room only tickets and got there when the park opened at 5:15 so the kids could watch the Cards take batting practice. By 8:00 I was done standing so the kids took over our phenomenal standing room only space and Roger and I retired to the picnic tables a level below them with a cool breeze and watched the game on the TVs there. So weird....I could watch the televised version of the game going on and within 20 feet of me hear the roar of the crowd live at the Stadium. We had a couple of field incidents(exuberant, totally trashed fans who decided that jumping on the field during the game was the way to go) which weren't shown on national TV but the kids called me on my cell and gave me a play by play. Our standing room only spot was on the top level of the stadium so it was roomy and had a phenomenal view. We went back up to the kids just in time to see Pujols hit his homer and the kids had made friends with the Cubs fans standing next to them to the point they swapped email/Facebook/MySpace addresses and hugged each other when we left.

Today I'm T minus 1500 spoons so I got up at 7 and made the ice cream sandwich/hot fudge/peanut dessert for supper and put it in the freezer and the rest of the gang was up by 10. The Cards/Cubs game is on at 3 so I will pull up a beanbag and hang with my granddogs and hopefully watch the Cards take the Cubs. Roger is BBQing and we'll eat about 5.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

CJ and family, you're in my prayers and on my heart.


Debra W said...

Happy, happy Fifth of July, dear friend! I have missed you, but things have been a bit crazy around my parts! I am hoping that things will start winding down soon, and we will be able to enjoy some lazy summer days.

Great picture of you and the kiddos! We don't get to see you often enough. I think Roger should take more pics of his lovely wife and post them here. It makes me happy when I see you happy.

Please take it easy today, and try to regain a few of those spoons. You can't keep up this pace without eventually falling on your face, my friend. You and I both know that all too well! Sit an enjoy the day.

Hugs and love,

Mama Bear said...

Ness, I don't know how you do what you do, I could never. God Bless your heart. I have the fibro, but the neuropathy is what is killing me. You encourage me, so much! Glad that you had a great time at the game and hope that your evening goes well, and that the Cards win for you.

I love the pic of you and your kids. I miss mine so much!!

Still looking for the Ohio spoon for you.

God Bless~

katie said...

Happy 4th to you and your family, Ness! nothing beats a baseball game on independence day! fun stuff!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thxs Ness.

Heading to Boston in Am to drop him off. Will text you when we get back.


jojo said...

Great pic Ness. Glad to see you enjoying the family and the game. I love being at a baseball game, the sounds, the smells...good times and memories for me. Thanks for sharing.

Still looking for spoons for you ;)

Alice said...

Love the pic! You guys are so darned cute. I hope you had a great rest of the weekend. And I hope you start to replenish your spoons soon.


kim-d said...

Love the pic, Ness; I LOVE the two girls/one boy ratio. To me, that is a perfect family :). And with a really wonderful Mother!