07 July 2008

Testifying to Love

Over this holiday weekend I've been blessed to be in a love fest.

I watched as my kids, without a word, emptied trash, ran the dogs out and did all they could to help while they were here.

I laid in the floor to watch the Cubs stomp the Cards but had the best time with my granddogs.

Each one has their own unique personality and it was like catching up with an old friend. Kelli's dog, Brandy, and I have a long history of "psych chats" Brandy was abused by her previous male owner and it took her a long time to trust us. She walks up to me, sits down, looks at me with those soulful eyes and I ask, "Brandy, do we need to have a chat?" She gives me a couple of whimpers and I start talking to her, asking about her day and she contributes with a few whimpers, a good ole dachshund a-roo-roooooo and after about 10 minutes she's done.

Katie, Kiereney's dachshund, has lost the light from her eyes. She is very depressed and wouldn't even play "get Katie's nose" with Grandma. Her eyes are not showing a physical pain(Grandma examined her from nose to tail) but she did seem happier with us and didn't hide in the bedroom as she's taken to doing at home. I spent a lot of time with her in the floor just looking into her eyes and petting her and giving her a massage. When she left, I felt like I would never see her again.

And the new kid on the block, Molly. She, too, has a story to tell. Except we know who abused her and threatened to put a bullet in her brain. To this day, we can't get a collar or harness on her without her totally freaking out and chewing out of it. I think with love and time, I can get her to do this. Yesterday, she wanted to give me a hug. She thinks she's a lap dog(part Lab/part Dalmation) and the girls have her where you ask her if she wants to give you a hug and she puts her long front paws around your shoulders and puts her head on your chest. I got lots of Molly hugs yesterday.

And I have discovered another lump in my throat where the cancerous thyroid was removed. I have been trying to convince myself the last two weeks that it is my imagination, it's scar tissue, etc. but everytime I swallow, it's there. My voice is cutting out again. I've noticed some breathing issues. These were the symptom that presented that lead to the surgical consult in 2005 and you know the rest of the story. My 3 year anniversary is July 19. I will be calling my oncologist and see what he wants to do.

In the meantime, I am leaving you with a video that lifted my heart this morning. I first heard this song on Touched By An Angel by Wynonna Judd and this morning I came across it again by Avalon. I have been blessed by so much love this weekend, both human and canine, that it seems a great way to start the week.

Testify To Love


Mama Bear said...

What a absolutely beautiful blog Ness. Your love for animals shows thru so wonderfully. I also love dogs and wish I could so grandly write like you do.

Ness, call your doc and get whatever taken care of NOW! It may just be scar tissue messing with things in there. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a great Monday. That song and it's words are beautiful. Thanks so sharing it with me today.

God Bless~

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Prayers are whipping their way to you from now until we know you are ok. Please call immediately Ness. Please.


Steph said...


Keeping you in prayer that all is fine. Just like you have told me over and over, nothing, NOTHING is too big for our God. You have my number if you need to talk (if you don't e-mail me and I will get it right over to you).


katie said...

a wiener dog named Katie! i for one love that name for a wiener dog!! ;)

you know you are always in my thoughts and prayers and i send you much love now and always. :)

katie said...

and I LOVE that song, Ness! one of my faves. in the face of so much suffering and evil and pain in this world, we know who is still in charge and that He has the perfect plan in all things!

kimmy said...

I'll be thinking of you Ness. I hope that it is nothing more than scar tissue.


Alice said...

Ness, I'm with Hallie. We're praying until we know otherwise. Please keep us posted. And please let us know if we can do anything to help.

dlyn said...

Ness - sending up ton of prayers for you!

jojo said...

Oh Ness you are the dog whisperer! What a special touch you ohave with all living is a blessing for sure. Please call your doc asap...i'll keep you in my prayers. Did you hear from my sister yet?? I'll put a bug in her ear about it. take care ;)

kim-d said...

Ness. Add me to Hallie and Alice. I am praying with all I'm worth, and I just want to know what your onc has to say, immediately. I just don't know what to say, but I sure know how I feel. Please, please, please let us know what's going on ASAP. I know I don't have anything to say that you don't already know, but time is of the essence. Prayers, hugs and love, my friend.

Debra W said...


You put tears in my eyes with this post, dear friend.

As far as the lump goes, keep in mind that you do have fibro and with fibro can come swollen lymph nodes in the strangest of places. I KNOW how frightening it can be to find something that doesn't belong there, but please take a deep breath and rule out the small stuff first. You have been very busy lately and your body just might be fighting something off. Please let us know what your doctor says.

Holding you closely in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and hugs,

Laura ~Peach~ said...

me 4 you are always in our prayers and do keep us posted you have my number ... use it :D
love ya

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Molly hugs sound awesome. So does your weekend! We went camping and had fun, but I missed my dogs like crazy!