05 August 2008

For every two steps forward, take one step back

I really don't subscribe(but have no problem with others who do--live and let live is my motto) to the "in another life" theory but today has me believing that Michael obviously royally ticked off the Army in a former life cause they keep knifing him at every turn.

He called me while we were at Roger's Dr. apt and left a msg that his Tricare(military health insurance) had been cancelled as of 31 July.


Well, it seems that *someone* didn't key in his updated orders that were updated the end of May that his current assignment had been extended to 30 September.

How did he find this out?

Well, I'm gonna tell you.(I am REALLY getting punchy nowadays with all this up-and-down-and-around-and-around life drama that keeps unfolding...)

He was coming up Thursday night(now it's Friday night) and had plans to go to base(about 5 miles from our apartment), get his military ID updated to 2nd Lt. and get an eye exam/new glasses--both of which are covered under his Tricare insurance.

So when he called the eye exam place on base today, they inform him that he has no insurance. Doesn't matter that he has his Tricare card in his hand while talking on the phone to them.

(No slam intended, but I might add that this base that he goes to is Scott AFB.)

He had his updated orders in his hand and they said if he would FAX them, they could get around to updating it but not in time for him to get an eye exam any time soon. They gave him the FAX number, he faxed and it wouldn't go. He tried several times and then called them back to double check the FAX number. They then said he could scan in his orders, and email them to this person as an attachment. He did and requested in the email that they please confirm receipt of them.

As of 1700 he has not heard a word from them.

And yes, I DO want it all. I want my son paid properly and want him insured. Is that too much to ask?

In other news, Roger's x-ray showed that the fracture is healing nicely and he was graduated to a new foot apparatus that looks more like a geeky old man sandal. It definitely beats the heavy "snow boot apparatus" that he has been sporting. He goes back in 3 weeks for another x-ray. The swelling is down and the Dr. is pleased as punch with his progress.

Progress that, I might add, may not have been possible without me turning into Simon Legree(sp) and making him stay in the recliner and off his foot(ok, so I threatened him with Hallie...any port in a storm, you know...) He really bruised my tender feelings today when he made a point that he could have made this much progress without my loving care(read insistence to stay off the foot and keep it elevated).

Let's just say that timing is everything and leave it at that. I did forgive and am working on forgetting what he said...stay tuned.

Heat index here today was 112...I am counting the days until Fall/Winter.

The quilt is progressing well and I am on Row 7 of 12 now.

Thank you again for all the prayers. I go to the doctor next Monday and start the ball rolling on the new swallowing symptoms.

Have a great day and keep on keepin' on.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Forget the monsoon, I think Michael is in a full fledged SHIT STORM!!

And Roger, you apologize NOW for saying that to your lovely wife or I really will come there and kick your butt!! And just for fun, I'll use your geeky old man sandal to do it!!


Alice said...

Good Lord, Ness! How much more can one poor guy take?? Keeping Michael in our prayers. Wednesday is the day we gather in my office to pray, so I'll make sure he's on that list too.

Glad Roger is healing nicely. Lord help him if Hallie has to come over and straighten him out. :)

Steph said...


Keeping Michael in my prayers as he works to get all of this straighten out. It seems that he just can't catch a break. I think my next step of action would be to go to the personal office and sit there until somebody makes sure that everything is straight.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


I can NOT get this out of my head. I somehow started singing the DREIDEL SONG this morning which became the LADEL SONG.

I have issues!


Tonjia said...

I guess situations like this are why the terms FUBAR and SNAFU were developed.

It is incredible how ridiculously convoluted the military can be. And how difficult it can be to get it all straightened out.

You guys are in my thoughts, I hope Michaels business gets straightened out soon.

dlyn said...

Wow - hope he gets this settled soon Ness - it is so disheartening, I know. Lauren FINALLY got her bonus for re-enlisting. 2 years after she was supposed to. sheeesh! Unreal to me that people want to put the government in charge of even more stuff!

(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

So good......