04 August 2008

Here You Go, Kimberly-My Five Songs

My Five Songs That I Hate to Admit I Love But I Do!

1. Theme from the movie Terms of Endearment...yeah, yeah, it's about cancer and she dies but I love the song and liked it before I got my cancer. I get called Delilah Downer(upgraded from Debbie Downer at the request of my friends who happen to be named Debbie lol) when people find out I love that song.

2. Theme from the movie Brian's Song(The Hands of Time). I used to play this song over and over ad nauseum on the piano back in the late 60's after my childhood friend Mike died of leukemia. Again, a Delilah Downer song but who can account for tastes?

3. "They're Coming To Take Me Away". I love the word phrasing of that song and the attitude in which it is sung. My eldest also loves it. Go figure.

4. "Without Love" by Tom Jones. Mid 60's song. I like the talking at the beginning and the way Tom sings it---passion and then some. It just rocks my world. Wonder if it's on YouTube?

5. The music from the Fruit of the Loom commercials in the last year or so. The music is just so TOUCHING.


Tonjia said...

Oh I love the theme from Brians Song. When I was a junior in High School (1974) the choir sang it for graduation. Not a dry eye in the house...

I think I will have to post my songs soon.

Debra W said...

Thanks for changing Debbie Downer to Delilah Downer! I like the sound of that much, much better! And I do like your song choices.