03 August 2008

Just Being

I am blessed with so many wonderful blog friends! Thanks for you love and concern.

Debbie at Four Angels Momma(she's in my blogroll) writes the most heartfelt posts and I always come away from reading them inspired or blessed or both. Last night late I was getting ready to go to bed and checked my blog before shutting down the computer and Debbie wrote a post on just being. I had been struggling with going to Mass today(I didn't end up going because my spoon count was so negative) because even though I draw strength from being there I just didn't think I could. And then I read Deb's post and was so inspired and ready to go except the spoon count didn't get the memo so I've been in the recliner since 5 a.m. I

I have just been being.

I watched a powerful thunderstorm out the living room window from my recliner.

I figured out a new way to embroider the squares on the quilt and they are going faster.

I have read a lot and gleaned much comfort from quotes and readings. Music has been a soothing balm to my troubled soul.

To Kimberly(aka kim-d---I call her Kimberly because I almost named Kelli that name, love it and can't fly it past the kids to use it as a granddaughter name so I have to be able to use it somewhere), thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lesson in your comment to me. I never thought of it in that respect. I just knew what happened to Kathy when she lost her dad and her mom and in my heart of hearts, I was trying to prevent it from happening again. I have talked to her and she still believes they will be home this evening so I will leave her with her thoughts and she knows she has 24/7 access to me should she want to call.

Back to just being.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you all and willing you jump GINORMOUS spoons to come your way. Maybe we should all stop wishing for spoons for you and wish instead for ladels?


Debbie said...

I am so glad that you got some needed rest in that recliner today. I wish we'd see a thunderstorm although, no rain for us in 3 weeks now. We started this summer off very wet, now dry.

I hope that you know, I love ya and keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers. I would send you some of my spoons but mine is in the minus also.

I hope that your monsoon turns into a bright sunny day for you soon. I wish I could make it better for you.

God Bless~

Catty Ax Lady said...

Wishing ladels instead of spoons...I love it.

Ness, you're also in my daily thoughts and prayers, even if I don't make it here to comment (or to know how bad I am with that phone!!). I love ya hon, and am wishing lots of bright sunny skies your way.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LADELS!! yeah! Some times just being is the absolute best!
Trying to make my daughter undertand that I HATE these feleings I am dealing with thanks to her it like talking to the pole... and her attitude ... well all i can do is sigh... and try hard to let what ever will be ... be.
Love you heaps
Many prayers!

kim-d said...

Just BEING is a very good thing; especially when the one doing the just BEING is you!

I am so glad you took my words from my previous comment in the spirit in which they were attended. Another thing I think I can say with a fair degree of certainty. The knowledge that you have made yourself available 24/7 to Kathy? Means more to her than you will ever know! That is being a phenomenal friend!

And now, so as not to break the chain, I will also wish for many, many, many LADLES for you :).

Love-n-Hugs from Kimberly

kim-d said...

And what I really meant was "the spirit in which they were *intended*"--unless, of course, you want to attend them. In which case, I have no problem with that, either. Maybe I need to go back to bed for a few hours? BWAHAHA...

Michelle said...

Ness, not sure if I have ever commented here before but I want you to know that I have read your blog on many occasions.

On Michaels pay...he should have contacted the IGs office when it did not get resolved after the 2nd pay period. There is no excuse for our soldiers not getting paid. Think of it this way, if the military can get hundreds if not thousands of new enlistee's entered into the military pay system each time a new group enlists and starts basic training why can't these people get one guy entered. It is not that hard. MyPay is just a system for military people to get their documents and make changes to their pay file. It is DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting System) that actually has to be set up for them to get paid. Again, it is not that difficult in this day. Back in my early days (1979) it was harder. Everything was done with papers and manual coding. Oh I do not miss those days. It was like doing the old punch card data entry for EVERY person who need an action done. Now it is all computer based and is simple data entry. I speak from 22 years of Army experience when I say that it is not that difficult and should never have gone on since May. I hope he gets his pay workd out. Please keep us posted.

Michelle said...

Forgot, wishing you ladels today and every day.

Alice said...

I love the idea of Ladles. :) Wishing you an extra big one today. Please keep us posted on Michael, Kathy and of course your blood work.

I hope that the peace from yesterday continues on through today. Lots of love from Georgia, today.

Debra W said...

Hi Nessie,

I just read this post and I was very touched by your sweet words.

It sounds like you spent your day in the church of the heart, which can be just as nurturing as going to an official church with pews and stained-glass windows. Good for you for honoring your own spiritual needs in a way that was soothing to your soul. I believe that we can do that anywhere.

Big hugs,