02 August 2008

Monsoon Season

Hallie was so right in her comment to a prior post. It IS Monsoon Season here at the DachshundStrong abode.
And we just got hit with another gust as Michael called and he did NOT get paid. So he will be calling the Inspector General on Monday at 0800. He is in charge of a commissioning ceremony for a couple of cadets this afternoon so he's been at work for a while getting all the programs, color guard, etc. in place. Something about working on a Saturday stings anyway but to work without having been paid in a while...but Michael is the epitome of doing the right thing for others so he wasn't about to bail on this commissioning ceremony no matter how upset he was. The show must go on.
I can't get ahold of Kathy...she is either avoiding me like the plague or something. I tried to prepare her that no, BioDad more than likely would not be bringing the boys back Sunday evening especially since BioMom was going with them and that wasn't received well. I just didn't want her to be expecting them to return Sunday evening and she was still in denial. Maybe I was wrong. Who knows? Kinda a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.
Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

unfortunately sometimes the truth hurts just a bit more than the other person is willing to accept she will come around... I am so proud of Michael... that young man is awesome... I would have already nutted up and showed out bad enough to be put into jail... two things you never ever mess with thats my man and my money... sheesh... ok three things add the kids ... I can mess with them but most others can't LOL...
I so wish you and dad would blow some rain down this way we are so dry and its HOT as hell down here... we are expecting the next 7 days to be 100 or more and no darn rain again... we are 16 or so inches behind for the year...
love ya Hugs

Debra W said...


Go to church and breathe in the soothing spirit of God as you take comfort in the familiar verses and hymns. I am sorry things are so rough for you and your family right now. Things just tend to flow that way sometimes, but keep in mind that the flow WILL change soon. Michael must let his superiors know that he cannot work if he is STARVING to death because of not being able to buy food with all of the money that they are NOT paying him! Geesh, this is BEYOND ridiculous.

Sending lots of prayers for strength, healing and comfort your way. Wish I could give you a big hug!


kim-d said...

Awww, man! Michael...enough is enough, for crying out loud. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I say go for respectfully firm, and time for someone to take responsibility! It is totally escaping me what the problem is with gettin' this man paid! GET 'ER DONE. I would no longer want to hear any explanations or excuses--just fix it. Is that even something that can happen when dealing with the military? They seem to embrace their SNAFUs just a little too much!

I agree with Peach; Kathy will come around. Sometimes, as a a means of protecting oneself, the mind has to take a little while to process certain info. Sometimes it's better to just listen and be there for her; let her process what she can, when she can. It's such a hard situation, and it's HER hard situation.

When Bill was very, very sick and near the end, at that time I had a friend who would call me up and tell me how weak and sick he sounded; like she was just talking to me about some random person and not MY dying husband. I finally had to tell her she couldn't talk about him that way to me anymore; it was making me feel so sad I could hardly hold on. She never did it again, but the times that she already said stuff were still imprinted in my brain. Some things are just TOO HARD, is all I'm sayin'...

As for you, dear Ness, I hope that the monsoons are quickly replaced by clear, blue skies!