07 August 2008

Still Being Still

Still no news about my job. I know they are trying and that's all I can ask. Part of me wants to go back to finding a job in a hospital even though I know I'm not up for it and I like the freedom of working around my and Roger's doctors apts. and everything else that comes up by working from home.

Michael is coming up tomorrow night for the weekend and my world will definitely be a brighter place. With Ft. Sill coming up in November, I can never spend enough time with my son.

Kiereney's test results weren't in so I moved her neuro apt. to the 25th. Hopefully the test results will give us an answer.

Reading some and working on the quilt.

Please keep CJ and his family in your prayers as the transition begins and John and CJ make the journey home.

Also keep Alice and her family in your prayers. If only our families would not grow old and could always stay as they were as we were growing up.

And take time to be still today and let you be you without an audience. Sometimes being with yourself is the best.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm trying Ness!! Sitting here being still with my self (no audience) and it's not helping. My body may be still but my brain will NOT shut off.

But for you (cuz you said so) I will keep trying.


Alice said...

Thanks, Ness. We so appreciate your thoughts and prayers. No news here. Tonight it our turn (me and Ervin) to stay with the grandparents. Hopefully it will be a restful evening.

Continued prayers for you and your job and of course the kids.

Sending you lots of love.

Tonjia said...

I would love to have time to just be my own audience. I have been trying to slow things down and take time for me. But no one wants to cooperate..:-(

I will keep trying.

kimmy said...

Have fun with your son for the weekend!

My prayers are with Kiereney.


Debbie said...

What do you do when you work from home? I wish you good luck with it. You don't need to work outside the home with your health problems, Ness, I worry you know. You need to be where you can take care of Roger and Roger can take care of you! I wish I could do something from home to help with finances, or David could, so he could stay home.

I pray all will turn out good for you. I think a lot about you!

God Bless~

Michelle said...

I am so bored with myself that I am ready for some action. I am sure that after a week or 2 of having a teenager in the house again I will be looking for some alone time (HA HA).

Enjoy your soldier boy this weekend.

Debra W said...

Hi Ness,

You are right. Sometimes just being still and being alone is the best thing to do. Enjoy your time with Michael!

Big hugs,

kimmy said...

Hi again Ness!

I forgot to answer your question in my last comment!

Hopefully, the construction will get started at the end of September. The builder seems to think it might take about four months. So, we are looking at the end of January if all goes as planned!


jojo said...

thank-you for the good thoughts and prayers that you send my way. Please know I do so for you and yours. Hope the job thing gets worked out soon. I agree with Deb...both you and Roger need to be close to home for each other. Have a great weekend with your boy ;)