24 August 2008

Sunday Catchup

First of all, thanks for all the comments on my Friday's blog. Sometimes Ness just wants to have fun and march to the beat of that different drummer!
The girls and their friend got in about midnight Friday and their friend left about 9 a.m. Saturday morning to head back to Minnesota. The girls will be here through Wednesday.
I don't think I got out of my jammies until 3 p.m. Saturday cause I had to watch all the hoopla in Springfield, IL(3 hours north of me) with the Democratic presidential candidate and his running mate. History in the making. Got another quilt block done(#76 out of 120-go me!)while I sat there. Got dressed and did a solo road trip to Wal Mart where I looked and wandered and picked up food and stuff and went home. One daughter fixed lasagna for supper and the other made a dump cake for dessert while I watched the Cards get beat by Atlanta and coached in my recliner from this side of the TV...after we ate I got caught up in a Law and Order SVU marathon and then went to bed.

Today the dachsies showed NO mercy and got me up early. Read the paper in the sleeping household, Roger got up, bandaged his foot and came in to start working only to find there is no work for me to do....yet.

Remember Uno, the beagle who walked away with Best of Show at Westminister this year? Well, that cutie is rolling out the first pitch for the Cardinals today. He will be sporting his Cards tshirt and cap and will push that ball from the mound to the plate with his nose. I'm hoping the local news will carry it. He is just too.cute!

Roger is BBQing ribs and chicken thighs for supper and the girls are fixing corn on the cob and scalloped potatoes. I understand there is a fresh peach pie in the works---just can't keep that man out of his kitchen!

Tomorrow is doctor day for Roger and Kiereney. Roger's hoping after this x-ray he can be sprung free from any type of foot bracing and Kiereney's hoping her spinal tap either ruled in or ruled out what is wrong with her.

Looking forward to September! Not only is the 2nd our 13th anniversary(I always wanted to be a September bride and it took a June wedding and 17 years of hard time to get there, but I made it...) but FALL BEGINS SEPTEMBER 22!!!!!!! I just might have to do a Countdown to Fall starting September 1. Fall is my favorite season closely followed by Winter. I have already in my mind started my Fall decorations for the house and all the activities(playing in the leaves, bonfire/weiner roast somewhere at a park, going to a high school football game and drinking hot chocolate) I want to do! This is my year! And finding my official Fall sweatshirt. I think I will probably end up making this one unless I find one on line.

Get up and get out today. Breathe, look up at the sky and be grateful for one more day you can.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

SOUNDS devine! hope your saving up some spoons for the georgiapalooza :D
Love n hugs Laura

Debbie said...

Enjoy your day Ness! I too, need to enjoy each day. Thanks for reminding me.

God Bless~

Tonjia said...

I would love to see that little beagle throwing out the first pitch!

Send Roger on over to my house, I have worked the last three nights and I cant drag myself out of the chair to cook anything! LOLOL

I am keeping Roger and Kierney in my thoughts and prayers. hoping the doctor visits bring good results..

Reddirt Woman said...

Oooweee Ness.. you know how you and I are about Garth? I'm almost as crazy for good bar-b-que, almost... Made my mouth water when you were listing the menu. And on top of all that, to finish it off with PeachPie is almost more than my mind can stand! I'm off to get me some BlueBell ice cream, Home made Vanilla. Not quite the same w/o peach pie, but I'll think about the taste while I'm eating the vanilla.

Not gonna tell you to have a good evening, 'cause you already are having it.


Kimmy said...

We had such beautiful weather in Maine this weekend. The air is definitely cooler and has a feeling of Fall. I will miss summer so much, but I love how pretty the trees look when the leaves start to change color!


Alice said...

Yummy. Sounds like y'all had lots of good food!! I am with you - I LOVE fall. Love it. Count it down, Ness. LEt's get excited together!!