19 August 2008

We Interrupt This Evening To Add

According to MyPay, Michael is scheduled to receive payment for all monies due him through 15 August on 27 August. He has seen it posted to his MyPay account with his own eyes but, like his mother, he will truly believe it when the money is deposited into his USAA bank account next Wednesday.

I'm not sure what happened today except to say that the Captain in IG handling it dropped the ball, did not follow through with what he told Michael yesterday that he personally would have the amount due him today when Michael called him, decided to or had scheduled 2 days of leave that started *today*, left no information in his office to tell Michael when Michael called today per the Captain's orders yesterday and it took Michael's Major 30 minutes to get it accomplished through the IG to the point of having it posted on MyPay by 1700 today.

Indeed Rank Does Have Its Privilege.

Michael asked me to express his heartfelt thanks for your prayers, thoughts, chants, solidarity, fit throwing, threats and anything else you did to get us both through this situation up to this point. Hopefully we will raise a glass in toast to all of you for fighting the fight with us, finishing the course and helping us keep the faith a week from tomorrow when the system actually works like it should.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i will believe when you say it is really there!
hugs laura


I can't wait to see that post saying he has ALL of the money owed him!

Alice said...

And we keep praying...

Michelle said...

The IG did what? Oh no he didn't! That was uncalled for. When you are working a case and you have leave scheduled you must coordinate with another investigator to get your cases handled while you are out. Ok, enough of my ranting. I am happy to hear that it shows in mypay. But I agree with you, believe it when you see it. Don't drink tht toast too soon.