05 September 2008

Please Pray

Kiereney is in the ER.

She has lost her peripheral vision and the pain is back with a vengeance. to +10.

She has had a CT scan tonight and her neurologist ordered another lumbar puncture which they just started.

Her pain had gotten down to a 2/10 for the last 3 days.

This hit her out of nowhere today.

The kids won't let me go down to the hospital tonight.

Michael is getting ready to come home from VA.

Will update as I learn more. Know they're consulting an ophthalmologist.


Steph said...


I just saw this. Will keep Kiereney in my prayers. I just updated that Dad is also in the ER. We tend to think (along with the doctors) that this is related to the time he blacked out 5 months ago.


Debbie said...

I am up late tonight, can't sleep, and just read about Kiereney in the ER. I hope all will be OK with her and she is in my prayers. It's so hard when our kids are sick. Try to rest and know she is in good hands. Keep us posted.

God Bless~

jojo said...

All my prayers, all my love, all I can headed your way Ness. Stay strong.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Hugs and prayers I feel so badly for her just when it seems that things are getting at the least steady then something changes. With the DX she has it almost seems as though they would be prepared or have some plan in hand for things like this.
More prayers.

dlyn said...

Oh no Ness! I will be praying for her - so sorry you guys are going through more of this.

Michelle said...

Ness, we got her covered with positive thoughts here in Florida. Keep the faith and let us know how it is going.


Kimmy said...

I hope Kiereney is feeling better. She will be in my thoughts. Take care of yourself too, my friend!


Reddirt Woman said...

Oh no, Ness... We just got our satellite feed back last evening and I've been playing catch-up. I will be keeping Kierney and you both in my prayers.

Keep us posted and know we care...


Debra W said...


Please tell Kiereney that her Aunt Debbie is praying for her from CA!!! I can't believe that she is having to go through another episode. I am so sorry.

Try to stay as calm as you possibly can because your daughter needs you. I am glad the Michael is heading back up. Update us when you can.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry, Ness.

Love you

Tonjia said...

Oh no! I am so sorry, I know you must be petrified! Kierney is most certainly in my prayers.

please keep us updated when you can.