07 September 2008

Substitute Blog/Blogger

Hi, this is substitute blogger, husband Roger, for Ness, who is temporarily out of touch in southern Illinois, bed-sitting our daughter Kiereney, who is currently in the hospital again. Ness drove down to be with her yesterday, and it was really fortunate that she did. Kiereney will hopefully be discharged today, and will come back with Ness for an appointment with her neurologist tomorrow.

To bring everyone up to date, Kiereney suddenly developed a screaming headache and totally lost all peripheral vision. With Ness on the phone from here, Belleville, it was decided that her sister Kelli would take her to the emergency room of the hospital she was last treated at. After copious amounts of pain-killers, another CT scan to rule out hematoma and other possibilities, and an ocular exam, they suspected that her spinal fluid was again quite high. After another spinal tap, they found her fluid pressure was 40 (I believe - Ness can correct me tomorrow). Extremely high!

Upon re-examination of her eyes, they found that her optic nerve was swollen, probably causing the loss of vision and probably caused by the increased spinal fluid. The medication she was taking to reduce the fluid pressure takes quite a long time to become effective, so they started giving her the med intravenously to speed up its effectiveness.

She has definitely been diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, where the body thinks there is a tumor of the brain, due to the increased fluid pressure. The blindness is exacerbated by bending over instead of stooping to reach the floor, and, without treatment can become permanent. This illness is most prevalent in young, overweight females of child-bearing age, (Kiereney fits this description), and she was told to start a weight-loss and exercise program to lose 15-20% of her current weight.

She will be monitored by an ophthalmologist near where she lives, and if he detects another rise in spinal or interoccular pressure, he'll refer her to an excellent neuro-ophthalmologist up here in St. Louis. So, although the diagnosis is much more serious than we first believed, we're relieved to finally know the extent of the problem, and that it can be treated.

Kiereney will be strongly medicated for the trip up here today, and I'm praying that Ness will be able to make the 1.5 hour drive back up here safely even though she is physically and emotionally exhausted.

Oh, and Michael is currently half-way back to Illinois from a week's vacation in Virginia, and should arrive at our apartment somewhere around 4 pm today.

That's the current situation, and I'm gearing up to be nurse-cook-shoulder-to-cry-on to everyone as they arrive later today. I haven't heard from Ness in the last couple hours to know that Kiereney was indeed discharged, but I hope to hear that news soon.

We'll keep y'all updated, so until later, have a wonderful Sunday. And for all you right-coast people, try to stay healthy and dry! I understand Hanna is being a bit nasty. And we're all praying for everyone in the projected path of Ike!



dlyn said...

Great to have an update Roger - praying that everyone gets back home safely.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

thanks for the update Roger, I hope tha tthey dont piddle areound and wait to release her and the Ness can get on the road and home quickly!
Love n hugs Laura

Michelle said...

Thank you for the update Roger. We know that Ness will definitely need your shoulder later. Let her know that we are all thinking of you all.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Praying my ass off. NO other way to say it.

And thanks for updating. I spoke to her on the phone on her drive down yesterday and was hoping to get more info soon.


Debbie said...

Thanks for the update Roger. I was really getting worried. Tell Ness the entire family is in my prayers and thoughts. I am praying for a safe trip for Ness, Kiereney, nd Michael. Ness is lucky to have your shoulder to lean on.

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Roger. I hope everyone gets there safely. You take care of yourself too, all the stress is bad for your health. I will check back in later and say a prayer or two.

take care,


Thanks for updating, Roger. I hope they get back safely and Kiereney feels better soon.

Tonjia said...

Roger thanks so much for the update. my prayers are going out to Kierney.

you guys need a huge break. and a vacation!

AirmanMom said...

Thanks for the update...My prayers will be lifted for your entire family.

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Debra W said...


Thanks so much for the update. I checked in earlier, but didn't have time to leave a comment. Your family, especially Kiereney and Ness, have been in my constant prayers, all day. I hope that they have arrived home safely, and that Ness will be able to get a decent night's sleep knowing that Kiereney is tucked safely under your roof. I know that Ness has a very strong Mother's heart, and that she wouldn't feel okay until she could be with her child when she was in need.

I will anxiously waiting to hear what the doc says tomorrow. Although this is a more serious condition than was thought, it sounds like there is a tested course of treatment, and that is always a good thing. I feel terrible that Kiereney has had to endure so much pain and confusion pertaining to this illness! She is far too young to be dealing with so much pain.

Please give Ness a big hug from me when she gets home. Tell her that I am sending her some "kindred spirit" sister hugs. I wish that I could give her myself one in person! You are a good man to take such loving care of your family. They are very lucky to have you, Roger.

Hugs and love,

Kimmy said...

Glad you got a chance to update Roger. I've been thinking about your family.


Alice said...

I'm just now checking in with all my blogs this morning. Roger, thanks for keeping us posted. Please keep us updated as much as you can and know we are all thinking about you and praying for you!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Roger, thank you for updating. Every single one of you are in my prayers daily.

Steph said...


Thanks for the update. I talked to Ness on her way to get Kierney. Look forward to you next up date and keeping you all in my prayers.