25 September 2008

Thankful Thursday

Do I EVER have things to be thankful about this Thankful Thursday!

First and foremost, to my wonderful husband, Roger, who kept the home fires burning, made sure Kelli and I ate, chauffered us to the hospital when we were too tired to drive and just made it possible to get through these past two weeks. Everyone needs a Roger in their lives, but find your own, please. :-)

And then there are friends...Hallie who blogged for me, Kim-D and Laura who were willing to simply listen on the other end of the phone when I blathered and blithered, Stephanie who left me phone messages that were so uplifting, Alice, Katie, JoJo, and the rest of my faithful blogger family who were blessed with the words to write to keep me lifted up for one more minute, to give me the strength to make one more decision.

And God...You kept me going in the wee hours, provided me the words to say to a scared, miserable child and knew the words I wanted to pray before I prayed them. You are an awesome God!

Kelli, who dropped everything when she heard her sister was in the hospital and moved herself and two dachsies up to our apartment to do what was needed. There were times I got so exhausted that she would take over and sit with her sister and listen to the doctors/nurses remarks and bring the info home to me.

Michael who took emergency leave when he heard his sister was having surgery and when Kiereney woke up from surgery was the first face she saw and greeted her with a brown bear, pink carnations and his smile.

To the phenomenal, overworked, underpaid and talented nurses who cared for our whole family at St. Elizabeth's. Your knowledge was ours for the asking. Your skills and kindesses will never be forgotten.

There were times when I did not see Kiereney or me coming out the other side of this minicrisis. Things happened so fast and furiously and I had to help her make a whole lot of decisions based on gut and instinct and prayed that I was right. They say the more something is exposed to fire, the harder it becomes. I am still sorting out the pieces of these last 2 weeks and trying to get them in order in my mind. We did not make it through this on our own...we made it with fabulous friends, determined doctors and a gracious God and without any of these, we would have failed miserably. You helped us stand up to the fire and we are strong people because of it.

Never, ever, ever, EVER doubt the power of heartfelt words left in a comment on a blog. They may seem trite and trivial to you, but to the person who reads them, they are the lifeline, the rope, the hand that enables you to make it through the moment. You all got me through so many moments that I don't have the words to adequately express my thanks. I will share with you that in the wee hours of the morning when Kiereney's pain was bad and she was in tears and without hope she would say, "Mommy your blog friends will get us through this. I know they love us enough."

And I totally agree.

Have a thoughtful, thankful Thursday!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

that is a two way street my friend... and we love you and hold you all up in our prayers!
HUGS Laura

AirmanMom said...

Prayers will continue for you and yours!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Debbie said...

Ness, I am so sorry, I could not be there with you during Kiereney's illness and surgery. I do not know if you know but hurricane Ike came through our town and tried to take us with him. We were without power, phone, cable, internet, everything for 9 days and as soon as we got our internet, it went out again.

Please know that I was thinking of you and praying all was ok. It was a tough 9 days without our CPAP's, etc, but I know your time had to be harder.

I am glad that Kiereney is home, and doing better. Know that I love your family and did not forget you, I was dealing with a little crisis of our own.


God Bless~

Tracy said...

Thanks for the kind words on my blog-sometimes yours and other comments are what helps me get through each day.
I am so glad everything is looking up for you and yours-whatever happens I am here to offer a word of encouragment-just like so many others-
You Got a Friend!

dlyn said...

I am thankful you got through it all - and I gave you a little somethin on my blog today :)

Debra W said...


It's so good to hear you sounding so hopeful, once again. I know that things are still topsy-turvy, but you are getting through this, day by day.

Continued prayers!


Alice said...

I agree with Laura. You have supported, sustained, encouraged, prayed and been there for all of us. We love you so much Ness and we are just grateful that you guys are all ok.

Now take a deep breath, try to get some rest, and just know we are all here ready and willing to stand in the gap for you when you need it.