26 September 2008

Fantabulous Fall Friday!

TGIF and then some!

Roger has me on a short leash today(yes, it IS possible) so after folding some laundry and remaking the bed in the guest room(if that bed could has been rotating between Kelli and Kiereney and Michael has had to sleep on the couch when he's been here. He's coming up for the weekend tonight and he gets the bed back!) I have been sitting at the computer loading songs onto my IPod and playing long overdue catchup with email and blogs.

As I mentioned, Michael is coming up tonight for the weekend and we're going to watch the debate between McCain and Obama. I listen and Michael translates as my mind, thanks to cancer treatment and fibro, isn't able to absorb a lot of data at one time so Michael gives me the highlights and it works for us. He has to use that BA History degree somehow...

KJ is doing well with Kelli although the poor thing is obsessed that either her incisions are infected(they are not and the staples will be removed on Tuesday) or the spot where her central line was is infected or bleeding out(it is not). I guess if I had been hit upside the head with as many unexpected medical problems as she has been in the last 5 months I would be leery as well. A friend of mine who is the secretary at the Methodist Church KJ's grandma attends saw her yesterday and said that KJ is the unsinkable Molly Brown with her humor intact. She carries the bear Michael got her everywhere she goes for incision comfort when she coughs usually but forgot it yesterday when Kelli took her to see my friend and my friend gave her another bear so KJ is racking up a collection.

As for me, I've coughed up at least 6 pairs of lungs so far but I think the end is in sight so hopefully by Monday when I pick up KJ for her appointment up here on Tuesday, I will be better.

What's on our weekend agenda? No clue...we're just rolling with it. I hear our temps are supposed to get cooler so I may talk the boys into some road trippin' in the area to see if the leaves are turning yet.

And, needless to say, KJ's quilt got sidelined for the last month or so with her illnesses so I need to get busy and get it finished by Nov. 1 before the holiday season begins. Hold me to that, will you? I've just been too pooped to pop this week and somehow I couldn't concentrate on it at the hospital. KJ kept me hopping.

Take some time to get outside this weekend and JUST BREATHE. I learned when KJ was in the hospital that you can forget to do that and the most restoring moments for me were either in the chapel or stepping outside with a cup of coffee and just feeling the air and remembering that the world was still going on around me even if mine had stopped because of KJ.

Have a phenomenal weekend!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

love and HUGS!

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing part of your "story" when you left a comment today. I know that Rascal Flatts song well-it is a fav of mine also. I know things will get easier and this will be behind us-I am just so ready!
I wish Micheal was able to translate the debate for me tonight too :) maybe you should video his comments??
Have a super relaxing weekend!

Tonjia said...

(((((((((((((Ness)))))))))) your family has really been hit lately, I hope everything is falling back into place for you all.

take care, get some rest and have fun leaf peeping!

Kimmy said...

Glad to hear KJ is doing well. I was thinking about you and your family while I was away!


Anonymous said...

Sending love, hugs, prayers and good thoughts your way always, my dear sweet Ness! Much love to you, my friend. :)

Overflowing Brain said...


I had the same incisional infection obsession. Totally normal. Seriously.

And check your email when you have a chance.

Thanks. :)

Overflowing Brain said...

Nevermind, don't check your email, I can't find your email address, so I'll just shorten up what I wanted to say and put it here.

I'm sorry for being a lousy blog friend. I have been reading daily and praying for your daughter. I have had much I've wanted to say and the only explanation I can give for not commenting every single day when her story was tugging on my heartstrings was because it scared me. Because I knew that I could so easily be in her shoes (as I feel I have been this past week) that my consoling her would be almost ironic. I have wanted nothing but for KJ to feel better and have prayed over and over for her to heal.

I hope you understand that my silence here has not meant my absence, but just my inability to best express my good wishes without sounding like a hypocrite. I would've recommended all the things for KJ that I myself would always avoid. The LPs (which will be done soon, if it's safe, there's a long story there), the narcotics, the extra ER trips and I don't want you to think me a hypocrite for recommending them and not following my own advice.

So thank you for continuing to support me and I apologize for not being a more vocal supporter of your daughter in this journey. I've thought about her endlessly and I hope her recovery goes well. If you have a minute, shoot me an email. I also have a good PTC contact if KJ wants her email address. She's a good friend and will be a big help.

jojo said...

Well it's saturday already...and I'm late getting over here. So very glad that KJ is doing better and you can all take a deep breath. You need to clone could make a fortune ;) Although I'm not complaining about my man, he's pretty awsome too. Enjoy your weekend and if you figure out how to break down this whole political process without Tim please let me know! Take care...

Debbie said...

Thanks for your comment Ness, on my blog. Yes, I too was having a mini crisis, but please know I was praying for you and your daughter while I was out of touch. I texted Hallie and she kept me informed the best she knew.

I am glad that Kiereney is doing better and that you sound so much calmer and relaxed. I was worried about you!!

Please share Michael's political thoughts as I am so confused and it's clear as mud to me...LOL


God Bless~

Mabunny said...

Wow Ness, hadn't checked in a long time, glad I finally did. Glad things are going a bit smoother for you, and hope it continues to get better.
Will chekc back in later in the week! take care for now:)