19 October 2008

All You Camera Folks!

Michael is ready to purchase his first camera because he wants it to take to Ft. Sill.

He will be purchasing it on Halloween.

His mom is camera ignorant.

So many of you are really into cameras.

We need your help.

According to Michael, "It doesn't need to be able to stand up and sing." He wants one that is able to download the pics off to a computer, good quality, gotta hold up through the active life of a training 2nd Lieutenant and that's it.

So if you can offer any brands, models, and good places to buy cameras(he is a Best Buy person but open to other suggestions) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Hooah from the Lieutenant.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

go to sams and get a kodak... any of the kodak cameras are wonderful... the ones with the higher mega pixels and higher optical zoom are the best and make sure he gets a memory card too! I have THREE Kodak digitals and ONE fugi... the Kodaks are the easiest to use and the kodak program (comes with ) is simple too!
my latest that I use most often is the KODAK 1275 12 mega pixel with the 5 x optical zoom... it takes great pics and videos is small to fit in my purse and was under 200 bucks !
call me if you need me to sing any more praises for KODAK Cameras :) love n hugs Laura

Tonjia said...

I have a Canon powershot S3 IS. I dont know if they still make that model, mine is almost 2 yrs old. But any of the Canon powershot cameras are good.

They are all easy to use and take great pics.

How much is he wanting to spend? The Powershot S2 and S3 are high end and cost more than others, but they are worth it.

Steph said...


I agree with Peach. Get a Kodak! I have a Kodak C533, 5 mega pixel with a 3x optical zoom (mine is older than Peach's) and that is all I use and you have seen the quality of my pictures on my blog. My pictures come out better than Mom's, who has a Fugi with more mega pixles, because mine is easier to use so I can figure out the setting for the best shot.

Just so you know in addition to SAMS, you can also find good deals at - that is where Mom got mine and it came with a printer.

Michelle said...

Well, Shay has a Canon Rebel. It is a little pricey but it takes awesome shots. And she was a telephoto lens that brings the far away stuff up close and personal. She also has a little camera that she likes. I have a Panasonic Lumix that I jsut got and I love it. It fits in my pocket and can do some cool things. You just have to read the instructions. I suggest going to Best Buy and talking to the guys at the counter. They are very knowledgeable about the cameras and what they can do. Once he decides he should go home and do a comparison via the internet. Might be able to find it cheaper. I also recommend the 2 year warranty. The camera WILL break within 2 years and it will get replaced if you have the insurance.

Good luck.

Tracy said...

I have a kodak now-it is pretty good but I really think Canon's are the way to go-I would love to own the Canon Rebel if I could afford it. That is my 2 cents-oh and Best Buy is a great place-they usually have very knowledgeable sales staff.

Alice said...

Ervin bought me a Kodak a few weeks ago. We haven't tried downloading any pictures yet - but the pictures (on the camera) seem to be really clear. But I am like you....I know nothing about cameras....probably want to listen to someone with a little more knowledge. :)

kimmy said...

We have a Canon EOS and we love it!


dlyn said...

you will probably find as many people saying one kind of camera as you will another. For a point and shoot, his best bet is to look up the 3 big brands - Nikon, Canon and Kodak and look to see what customers are saying about specific models - you can find these on Amazon [and better he should go there thru the links on my site - I'm just sayin], Circuit City, Epinions and maybe Best Buy. That way he can find out about the most recent offerings from the comapnies and see how the people who have purchased them recently feel about them. Talking to the sales people is a good idea too - they ususally have a pretty good idea of what they have that is good. Buying a new camera is FUN!!!