21 October 2008

Tuesday Catch Up

Michael left about 4 a.m. to get back to work today. The 29th is his last day with recruitment for SIUC ROTC. It was nice to have him here for four days. We watched Band of Brothers, I cried about two or three times at the thought of his leaving, we got the necessary talking done, he gave me his philosophy on being in the military and how I was to conduct myself should he go over to Afghanistan, etc. It was a great visit. I even went out twice to train with him(he ran, I walked and I'm still paying for it) but it was a time to make memories and the Fall weather added the perfect backdrop.

This Saturday we are going down and having a going away party for him out at the local park shelter. Kathy and her crew, our family, his grandparents and his dad will be there roasting hotdogs over the fire in the fireplace and making Smores and soaking up as much of Michael as we can possibly get.
The shelter stays open until 10 p.m. so you-know-who will be in her chair parked by the fire soaking up everything that is good about a Fall night. The weather is even cooperating and giving us some temps that are worthy of a fireplace.

Talked to KJ yesterday and she is still having a lot of headache pain but is coping. I am so proud of her. I have read a lot of CB sites about pseudotumor cerebri and it is quite a journey but I feel confident that pseudotumor cerebri picked the wrong girl when it chose Kiereney to mess with and Kiereney will be living the life she wants and deserves, pseudotumor cerebri be damned!

Roger is doing fine and has been in baking/cooking mode since Michael got here. I suspect there will be some more baking today...

I have two friends named Katie who are each walking a rocky road at the moment and I would appreciate you keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.

Off to work and then watch DWTS as the boys were watching news last night so I had Roger tape it for me.

Have a wonderful day and if it is not one now, make it one by the time the sun sets.


Reddirt Woman said...

Ness, if I could be there to celebrate Michael being home with you, I would be right there sitting at the fireside roasting hot dogs and eating s'mores. That sounds like such a wonderful night. I've always enjoyed family get-togethers. Thank God Kierney is coping. She sounds like a determined young woman. I guess when you have medical problems you have to be determined.

Enjoy your evening.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad for the update. I like knowing what's going on with the Ness family.

And I know which two Katie's you're talking about and I will happily pray for them both. I actually have been for quite some time.

Miss ya!


Alice said...

Lovely update, NEss. We will be thinking about all of you and holding you clost in thought and prayer. I know you are one proud Momma. As you should be.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and I wish it was not a 13 hour drive or I woudl show up at the park to enjoy time with you guys!
love ya

Debra W said...

Thanks for the update, Nessie. I just wish that KJ could be rid of these headaches so that she could move on with her life. It breaks my heart to think of how much pain she must be in. She will get through this, it's just unfortunate that she has to.

Wish I could be there to give you and Michael and hug at his going away party. He deserves a great sendoff.


Tonjia said...

your friends are in my prayers Ness. And so is your family, all of you.

Enjoy DWTS, I heard on The View this morning that they were predicting Cloris Leachman will be eliminated tonight. She is a hoot!

Debbie said...

So glad for the update Ness! Glad that you had a fun and loving time with your son. I only get to see my son once a year at Thanksgiving :o( I can't wait till next month when I get to see him and his wife. They live in Arkansas, and we don't get to travel, with all of David's equipment, and our car, and no funds :o(

Your weekend coming up sounds like fun!! Enjoy it and have a great time. I know that you enjoy the fall temps. I sure don't..LOL.. It's suppose to be in the 20's tonight and a hard freeze. UGH!!!

I am glad Kiereney is coping with her pain. Those of us with pain, know it's not fun, and coping is all we can do. I hope they find out what's going on and help her. She's to young for all that pain!! I pray that she will get her pain free days back soon!! She sounds like a strong girl, a chip off her Mommy's block!!

Please know that I pray for your family daily.

God Bless~

Tracy said...

Sorry I haven't stopped by in a couple happy to hear about your wonderful visit with your soldier. I know the goodbyes are hard and you will worry but you are strong. He needs you to be.
Remember I am here and have been in a smiliar place.
The party sounds so nice a relaxing!
Take care and I will be praying for all you asked for.