06 October 2008

And The Questions Roll...

Steph from My Daily Life asks:

Here is a question for you. If you could go anyplace place in the world for one week, all expenses paid, and could take up to 7 people, not including you,where would you go and who would you take?

Wow...7 peeps besides me, huh? I could think of two ways to do this....the family way and take 3 kids, a friend for each and my husband or finally a way to meet some of my blog peeps I haven't met yet. One way would be unselfish, the other way would be selfish...let's go for selfish! I would want to take blog peeps I hadn't met before(sorry Peach) so I would take Hallie, Steph, Blender Kimmy, Kimberly-D, Alice, Katie and Lenny(Lenny is NOT a people so I could get away with and my stepdaughter Lyn because she needs a break from her family and we would head out to California to the oceanside retreat of Four Angels Mama, Debbie(nice way I snuck that 8th person in, huh?) On her blog, I literally turn grass green when I read of the peace, calm and relaxation of her oceanside retreat. The sun worshippers(that would not be me) could sit out in the day and the rest of us could gather at sunset(and if the sun worshippers weren't burnt to a crisp they could join in), chill with our favorite food and beverage and just let the night take us where it wants us to, be it dancing on the sand, heartfelt talks under the stars or whatever. The main thing is we would all be together and that is a dream of mine to party with my bloggirls.

Thanks, Steph. Stay tuned for more. Great questions so far!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm packed.

When should I expect my plane ticket to arrive?

Hallie :)

Alice said...

My bag is packed too. When do we go??

kim-d said...

Kimberly-D here, packed and ready to go. And thrilled to be included! Oh, what a time we would have...

Debbie said...

Sad, that I am left out :o(

Hope that your Monday is wonderful and healthy!!!!

God Bless~

Debra W said...

Come on out, girls, the lounge chairs are waiting for you all! We could sit and relax all day and then eat s'mores from an open fire at night!